Evolutionary Coach Training Program Master

Reach a whole new level of coaching with our ICF-accredited Master Coach training program.

You’re passionate about using coaching for the evolution of humanity and genuinely want to see a change in the world, but need the tools to make this happen through your coaching practice.

This Master-level Evolutionary Coach training program strengthens your coaching competencies and equips you with a toolkit of master techniques that will expand your coaching capacity and impact.

Going well beyond traditional coaching, this program is underpinned by the Evolutionary Coaching Approach, guiding you to tap into “The Source” to master extraordinary abilities such as:

  • Source reality creation
  • Telepathy
  • Super creativity and genius
  • Hyper-speed thinking
  • Coaching in consciousness


Before you register, please note:

  • You will need to be available to participate in virtual classes via Zoom between 09:00–17:00 CET each day.
  • This program is delivered in three modules which must be completed consecutively in the same intake*. This provides you with a close-knit environment where you can develop relationships with others in your cohort and learn and apply your skills at the right pace.
  • We offer one intake* for the Master Evolutionary Coaching Training program each year. If you are unable to participate in all three modules during the same intake, please consider registering for the program the following year.

10 x full-day virtual workshops


  • 60 hours of virtual training
  • 10.5 hours of mentor coaching sessions with an ICF accredited coach
  • a direct pathway to ICF accreditation (Level 3)
  • online peer network
  • support during and after the training

The program is delivered in small intakes (maximum 20 people) to ensure trainers give you the support you need and creates an intimate support network for your cohort.

Available dates
*Module 1: 22–25 January 2025
*Module 2: 20-22 February 2025
*Module 3: 20-22 March 2025

Take advantage of the discounted fee of €3750 by registering before September 27th, 2024.


Who this master-level coach training program is for

The program is designed for devoted coaching professionals who are committed to personal growth and want to build a truly different and globally-impactful coaching practice.

It’s ideal if you: 

  • Want to harness a higher level of consciousness to bring greater evolution to the world
  • Need to create a thriving coaching practice that stands out in the market by offering coaching through an evolutionary lens
  • Are searching for a master coach training program that is aligned with your values and personal philosophy
  • See the potential for guiding clients through a deeper transformation, rather than helping them to solve surface-level challenges
  • Are seeking opportunities that come with a Master ICF coach credential (MCC)

You’re eligible for the program if you:

  • are currently practising as a coach; and
  • have fulfilled the requirements of ICF accreditation at PCC level (or equivalent), having completed a minimum of 125 coach training hours and delivered at least 500 coaching hours.


Become the best coach you can be, unlock yours and your clients full potential while differentiating yourself in the marketplace!

The only ICF-accredited Evolutionary Coaching Approach training program in the world

As coaches, we hold the power to evolve and create a different world: one of expanded consciousness where we recognise our interconnectedness and ability to contribute by being the most complete version of ourselves.

The Evolutionary Coaching Approach is guided by a total integration of the mind, heart, spirit and soul that leads toward a complete self. By tapping into ‘The Source’ you are able to access new human abilities like super-creativity, hyper-speed thinking, telepathy and reality creation. These allow us to discover and apply the true power of coaching to how we live, work and play so that we may become the best that we can be.

This master-level coaching program (ICF Level 3) combines both traditional and Evolutionary Coaching Approaches, and has been carefully created by the world’s top coaches and experts in Evolutionary Coaching including TNM’s Founder Zoran Todorovic, voted one of the Top 20 Coaches in London (Influence Digest 2021).

You’ll be in good hands, too – our team has over 20 years of experience developing thousands of new coaches.

What to expect during this master coach training program

This training and mentoring experience has been carefully designed to hone your core ICF coaching skills and introduce new advanced coaching competencies that allow you to coach from an expanded state of consciousness and coaching mastery.

The program is delivered via three modules:

  • Module 1
    Coaching Living Mind
    1. Coaching the evolution of self
    2. Coaching Open Mind
    3. Coaching Possibilities and Probabilities
    4. Coaching Clarity and Conscious Choice
    5. Coaching Balance
    6. Coaching Flow
    7. Coaching Creation
    8. Coaching Alignment Through Essence
    9. Coaching Vision
    10. Coaching Equilibrium
    11. Coaching in Human Collective Consciousness
  • Module 2
    Coaching Living Soul
    1. Coaching Alchemical Heart
    2. Coaching the Evolving Soul
    3. Coaching the Brilliance and Power of Innate Being
    4. Sourcing and Coaching Vibrant, Creative Genius
    5. Coaching Beyond Breakthrough
    6. Coaching Levels of Potential
    7. Coaching Passion and Purpose
    8. Coaching Power in others
    9. Coaching Competences of Spiritual Intelligence
  • Module 3
    Coaching Evolution
    1. Coaching Evolutionary Intelligence
    2. Coaching Evolutionary Being
    3. Coaching Abilities in the Living Mind
    4. Coaching Visionary Stewardship
    5. Coaching Alchemy
    6. Coaching Levels of power
    7. Coaching Evolutionary strategy
    8. Coaching Self Mastery
    9. Coaching Mastery in others
    10. Coaching Reality creation

Learning outcomes

By completing this program you’ll be able to:

  • Coach through pain, suffering, blocks and issues to discover more freedom and happiness
  • Coach breakthrough discoveries of emotion as the energising fuel for life’s movement
  • Coach creative genius in others
  • Coach realisation of purpose, potential and power
  • Coach the alchemy of consciousness and creation to totally transform your clients
  • Coach the evolution of intelligence to include intuition, knowing, wisdom, and telepathy
  • Coach for reality creation
  • Empower others by knowing that we create our own reality
  • Help yourself and others to understand, experience and realise their full potential
  • Help yourself and others to own, step in and actualiae their full power
  • Help yourself and others activate and use their new human abilities

How you’ll learn

The Master Coach Training Program is delivered through 10 full-day virtual workshops and additional individual online learning.

You’ll experience:

  • 60 hours of live coach training taught in English by world-class coaches with over 30 years of combined personal development and coaching experience
  • 15 hours of additional coursework to be completed pre, during and after your training.
  • 10.5 hours of mentor coaching with a credentialed Mentor Coach

Mentor Coaching

Mentoring is an integral part of your coach training journey – it supports you in your learning and nurtures you as you discover more about your personal and professional capabilities.

As it is a prerequisite for accreditation with the ICF, all Evolutionary Coach Training Programs offered by TNM Coaching Academy include the mentor coaching sessions required for your ICF application. You’ll receive:

  • 5 x 90-minute group mentor coaching sessions (completed during your virtual workshop days)
  • 3 x 60-minute individual coach mentor sessions with your assigned mentor coach

This highly supportive and interactive format gives you the opportunity to experience coach training from a hugely experienced team with an unrivalled depth of knowledge.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Strength in coaching mastery: you’ll define your unique master style and increase your confidence for greater impact with those you coach
  • Insightful feedback from an experienced Master Certified Coach and your colleagues on the course to give you a different perspective that will sharpen your coaching
  • A significant step towards earning your MCC (Master Certified Coach) credential
  • The potential to earn more! Master coaches reported higher fees and annual income plus increased client satisfaction

How do I know if this Master Coach training program is right for me?

Watch the pre-recorded one-hour Coaching Mega Humans webinar.


The Evolutionary Coaching Approach that underpins TNM’s Master Coaching Training Program goes where no other coaching style has gone before by moving us individually and collectively toward the evolution of the human consciousness.

In this thought-provoking webinar, Zora Todorovic explores consciousness, evolution, human magnificence, and profound contribution as the outcomes of what we call ‘quantum evolutionary coaching’.

A male master coach in a grey jumper leaning on a grey sofa holding glasses talking to a coachee.

Accreditation with the ICF

By undertaking a coach education program with an ICF-accredited coach education provider like TNM Coaching, you can be assured that you’ll receive the comprehensive coach training you need to thrive.

TNM Coaching has developed this program in affiliation with Corporate Potential.

All of your virtual workshops and coach mentoring will be run by experienced coach trainers with advanced ICF credentials.

The ICF has recently introduced simpler paths to becoming a qualified coach, which is aligned to three different levels of coach credentials.

TNM Coaching is proud to be an ICF-accredited Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 coach education provider. Our master-level coaching program is certified for Level 3 accreditation, with 108 contact learning hours. Graduates from a Level 3 coach education and training program can apply for the Master Certified Coach (MCC) Credential using the Level 3 application path if they meet the credentialing requirements.

Read more here

Are you ready to take your coaching practice to a new level?

If you want to dramatically improve your coaching abilities, this is the program for you.

Choose success! By completing this master-level coaching program you will be joining the hundreds of coaches trained and mentored by Zoran and the team at TNM who have successfully advanced their credentials with outstanding business results.


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