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Because your people are capable of great things.

Do your leaders and
their teams need a skills boost?

These challenges might sound familiar…

Your leaders have the potential to take the organisation from good to great, but their communication and coaching skills are lacking.

Or your teams are great at their jobs but need help working together more effectively.

TNM’s carefully designed collection of programs delivers training in three core skills areas: coaching, interpersonal and leadership.

We’ve covered the business gamut from leading for innovation, team coaching skills, persuasion and influence, resilience, negotiation and confidence to well-being, creativity and talent acceleration. There’s a professional development program available for your people at every stage of their careers.

Below is a selection of the programs we offer.

We can also create tailored programs to meet your organisation’s unique needs.

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We take learning in a digital age seriously

Transferring leadership knowledge into action with Adeption

Our integrated virtual and digital leadership development programs are powered by Adeption – our online channel to deliver learner-centric leadership development experiences.

Our partnership with the Adeption platform and mobile app closes the gap between knowing and doing, offering a personalised learning journey encompassing:

  • assessments and reflective questions to identify where participants can build their capacity.
  • a dynamic word cloud that connects people and ideas around key themes.
  • digital learning content intelligently matched to participants so it’s relevant to their program and their organisation.
  • on-the-job support for sustained learning and a peer support network.
  • participant-driven accountability and manager/peer validation built into the learning workflow.
  • a conversational interface with short video snippets and helpful prompts that makes learning personal and engaging.

Participants get a multi-faceted learning experience by using TNM Adeption to:

  • reinforce training by testing their knowledge;
  • set personal goals and widen their perspective by seeing other’s answers;
  • clarify their challenges and identify barriers to success;
  • connect with tools and program content to achieve their goal; and
  • create an action plan to apply what they’ve learnt.

To make life easier for your HR team, TNM Adeption can be integrated with your organisation’s LMS.

Selection of our Face to Face, Virtual and Digital Programs

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