Jean-Francois Cousin

Loves an epic story – especially yours!

Jean-François Cousin, MCC, became a global executive coach in 2006, after a career in management around the world with a Fortune-500 company, where he served in senior leadership positions in Asia and in Europe. By June ‘20, he had clocked 12,000 coaching-hours, served over 1,000 executives and dozens of leadership teams, and traveled to 35 countries on 5 continents to work with them. Jean-François is also passionate about training coaches and helping them find their unique way to co-create extraordinary value with their clients. He has trained thousands of coaches from 6 continents. Jean-Francois also mentors experienced coaches, notably those applying for ICF PCC and MCC credentials.

Becoming who you need to be to catalyze Greatness in others may be your most fulfilling purpose and legacy!


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