Developing your
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Because you’re the key to transforming people’s worlds.

Coach training and mentoring that empowers you beyond helping people solve problems to coaching for global transformation.

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The power to create a different world

As coaches and leaders, we hold the power to evolve and create a different world: one where we are aware of our connections to each other and our ability to contribute by being the most complete version of ourselves.

But without the right skills, that’s hard to achieve.

We understand that training which focuses solely on traditional coaching frameworks can be uninspiring, light on skills, and may not align with your values. And as a people-focused person, being surrounded by a community of like-minded coaches who can give you actionable feedback is vital to your success.

TNM provides you with a deeper, more practical values-based framework delivered within a supportive environment.

Our ICF-certified comprehensive Evolutionary Coaching Approach training programs are the first in the world to train new coaches to go beyond coaching for everyday success, to coaching for the total and complete integration of mind, heart, spirit and soul into a new and expanded wholeness of self.

Sparking a more dynamic coaching career

We’ve been teaching coaches around the world for more than 20 years, working with them at every stage of their career, from finding clarity about the type of coach they want to be, to exploring the profession, transitioning into the career, and growing a coaching business.

With different levels of coaching – Foundation, Advanced and Master – we can meet you where you are in your coaching journey, whether coaching in your organisation or in your own business.

We also offer high-quality coach mentoring services to support your growth as a human and a coach, transforming you into an outstanding practitioner.

Coach training that gives you the magic to make others great

At TNM we offer coach training and mentor coaching that gives you the capacity to coach your clients or employees beyond their immediate challenges to a place where they can access their potential to make incredible changes in the world.


The Evolutionary Coaching Approach

We can do this using the Evolutionary Leadership and Coaching Approach. This means:

  • listening more deeply, being more present, and increasing holistic awareness so we can act and make decisions with clear positive intentions.
  • relating to people not as small human beings with problems to solve, but as mega human beings with contributions to make.

By incorporating the Evolutionary Coaching Approach ethos into your everyday life and work as a coach, you’ll be elevated to serve yourself and others in the most transformative and inspiring way.

Evolutionary Coaching Approach programs

Our bright sparks:
the coaches & trainers who’ll inspire you.

You’ll work with some of the most experienced life, business and corporate coaches in the world. They’ve been where you are and are ready to guide you to a more fulfilling coaching career.

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