24 March 2023

Zoran Todorovic and Magic

Find out more about TNM founder who was voted on one Londons top 20 coaches in 2021

Zoran Todorovic voted top 20 coach in the UK
Zoran Todorovic has been recognised as one of the top 20 coaches to work with in the UK by Influence Digest Digital. His work as a Master Certified Coach and Facilitator within the field of TNM Coaching, has catapulted him to great heights as he practises his passion of helping others create their best lives.

Why Zoran was voted as one of the top 20 coaches in the UK?
With over 20 years of experience, he has a plethora of experience which includes leadership training, communications mentor coaching and teaching classes internationally. He has advised global organisations such as The United Nations, Microsoft Mobile and top level Executives; teaching them how to successfully lead and accomplish at a high level. His work has led to him being published in the likes of Fortune Magazine, Harvard Communications Newsletter and Investors Business Daily; and he continues to share this wealth of knowledge and wisdom with others and assist them in living the life they dream of.

Zoran comments on his latest accolade:

I am privileged and honoured to be voted as a top 20 coach in the UK. I am as good of a coach as my client’s results and I was lucky to attract wonderful, willing, committed individuals to coach with me. Coaching is an interdevelopmental process and the coach grows along with the clients. I have become the coach I am today due to my client’s desire and drive to grow, evolve and create an amazing life. Thank you to all the wonderful people who coach with me, I grew with you!

Finding the magic within
Zoran’s biggest legacy is his passion for helping people to see the magic within themselves and life as a whole. He believes that when we begin to switch on to our full potential that the magic around us begins to unfold. Opportunities arise, new friendships, better careers, optimum health and much more. When we think about magic, we can often think of something that is mystical, fabricated and unreal and what Zoran and TNM Coaching want to do is shift this perception. We can all create magic, everyday. It’s not something out of reach and once we begin on this journey of accepting it as a real part of our lives, that’s when the true magic of transformation happens!

The rebirth of TNM Coaching
Recently TNM Coaching has undergone a huge transformation and now provides coaching in Life and Business, as well as launching their very own Academy to train future coaches of tomorrow. TNM believes in equipping individuals with the tools they need to feel empowered and confident. Working at establishing patterns, blocks which stop individuals from progressing and moving forward.

The concept is born from Zoran’s own personal mission- to help individuals enhance their energetic influence by getting them aligned with the law of attraction. A passionate activist for the evolution of the human spirit, Zoran’s transformative coaching techniques have the ability to completely revolutionise lives. His one to one sessions have changed the lives of so many.

Flexible. Intuitive. Responsive. Caring. From our first coaching session together, Zoran helped me clarify my thoughts on my career transition and identify what I needed to do to move forward. He helped me see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ by breaking down the steps I needed to take into bite-sized actions. I would highly recommend Zoran as both a career and personal coach – in fact, this combination is what makes Zoran such a wonderful coach and human being to work with. His follow-through is remarkable, as is his steadfast positive attitude.
~Eva Ericsson


What I found most helpful about Zoran’s coaching was his ability to really see me—or maybe I should say, see the real me! I feel like Zoran helped free the potential in me. Like most people, so much of what I do at work and at home is worthwhile but invisible and fragmented. Working with Zoran helped me value what I do and gave me the courage to do things in a bigger, more visible way. Thank you Zoran for pushing me into my “big leap”!
~Camila Cazac


Zoran was able to instantly tune into my mission and to offer validation, acknowledgement, and inspiration in a laser coaching flash interaction. As a result, I felt more uplifted and clear about my mission and purpose. I can highly recommend Zoran to anyone seeking a highly masterful, easy to connect with guide and coach.
~Michel Bernacca

We are all leaders
True leaders stay curious. It’s this constant quest to learn, question and seek; which creates great visionaries. That’s where coaching can be a tool to help individuals see things from another perspective as well as helping to identify weaknesses and build on strengths. Stay tuned as TNM continues to launch free tools to help individuals step up in every level of life- professionally, personally and spiritually.

Written by TNM Coaching


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