23 March 2023

What are the Benefits of Coaching for Work and Life?

Are you ready to take the next step?

Coaching is an enriching and meaningful career that not only enhances the lives of the people you coach but can radically change your world too.

Whether you’re thinking of pivoting your career to become a full-time life coach or you want to simply uplevel your skills and become a better team member or leader. Knowing the amazing ways coaching can impact your work and personal life is an important place to start if you want to discover whether coaching really is for you.

For most newbie coaches, the impact they can make on people’s lives is the main draw to becoming a coach. However, they soon realise that once they start their coaching journey, there’s more to coaching than just being of service to your clients.

In this post, we’ll answer some of the most common queries about the benefits of coaching. So, no matter if you’re just starting your coaching career or you’re a seasoned coach, you’ll find all the juicy benefits you need to know to help you decide if coaching is for you and how you can improve your work and personal life.

Solving The Common Misconceptions About Coaching

If you’re new to the world of coaching, it can be confusing to know exactly what coaching is. Before you start, it’s important to distinguish what coaching really is and what it definitely is not.

There are many misleading misconceptions regarding coaching, one which is that coaching is simply telling people what to do. While giving advice IS part of the process. Some of the fundamental ethics of coaching are based on autonomy, personal responsibility, respect and permission–which goes beyond just sharing your opinion.

This means having respect for people’s ability to choose and make decisions for themselves, while seeking permission to help people to form their own conclusions about their choices and not infringing on their free will. In essence, coaching is a partnership between the coach and the coachee, centering around the coach acting as a guide to help the client reach their true potential–and is less about giving unsolicited advice or making decisions for people.

Are Coaching, Mentoring And Therapy The Same Thing?

Coach, therapist and mentor. Have you ever confused these terms or wondered if they’re all the same thing? These words are commonly used to describe someone who helps people develop and grow beyond their current reality. But can be confused or used interactable when in fact, they are actually quite different.

What coaching is not…

  • Counselling
  • Psychology
  • Mentoring
  • Therapy

While there are similarities and overlaps in all of these professions. Coaching doesn’t require any official medical or psychological training to work with clients, needed for a therapist and/or a psychologist.

Does Coaching Help You Grow?

Another common misconception about coaching stems from the belief that it’s all about the people you coach. While serving your clients is the main work of a coach, the work you do on yourself is also one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of the job.

In the beginning, learning the skills to improve your communication, become a better listener, a better leader, set boundaries and overcome challenges can seem client-focused.

But you will be surprised to find that learning these skills will also impact your own life and accelerate your own growth. Over time, you’ll find yourself integrating these skills into your personal and business relationships.

You may see things in yourself you’ve never seen before, you may overcome challenges in your professional and personal relationships more easily. While evolving a greater sense of awareness about yourself and others that stretches far beyond what you expected.

How Coaching Actually Works

Life coaches are some of the most sought after people for ambitious seekers who want to level up in areas of their life where they might feel stuck or lack the clarity to progress.

Coaching gives people a road map to achieve their true potential by helping them create a vision for their future, while helping them on their journey to execute their plan.

When it comes to coaching, there is no one size fits all approach. It can take on a number of forms and disciplines, that can range from one-on-one coaching to couples coaching or even be in a group setting.

In essence, all forms of coaching help people go beyond their limitations by guiding them to a better future. Whether it’s love and relationship coaching, life coaching or health and well-being, it’s about demonstrating how you can help people achieve success and get results.

What Are The Benefits Of Coaching

Coaching is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide (1), with more and more people looking for support when changing their lives. Whether it’s to enhance their job prospects, find love or improve their general sense of well-being. Coaching is a highly sought after and flexible business.

As job markets fluctuate and people feel more and more uncertain about the future, business professionals are seeking clarity, support and guidance to help them find their purpose, experience more fulfilment and create a life they truly love.

Coaching not only enhances your career, it also enhances your life. Here are some of the key benefits:

Work Benefits

Make a difference with your clients or team-impact people’s lives for the better by helping your clients get to the core of their issues, overcome obstacles and get better results.

  • Become a better leader-improve your communication skills and learn how to empathise with other people.
  • Enhance your problem-solving skills- learn how to ask better questions and drill down into the root causes of issues.
  • Build better business relationships-improve your communication with clients and colleagues, for healthier and clearer relationships.
  • Work flexibility-choose your work hours and the amount of time you spend working with clients.
  • Increase your earning potential-overtime with more experience you’ll be able to choose your rates and decide how much you earn.

Life Benefits

  • Accelerate your personal growth-learn more about yourself through deep discovery and overcome your obstacles.
  • More confidence and assertiveness-become more resilient and learn how to set healthy boundaries.
  • Improve your communication skills with family and friends-build better interpersonal relationships and improve how you relate to the important people in your life.
  • Experience more life fulfilment-create a happier and healthier relationship with your work.
  • Create a nomadic lifestyle-travel and work from anywhere in the world, all you need is a laptop and a secure wifi connection to see clients.

Could Coaching Be For You?

If you’re looking to pivot your career, upgrade your professional skills or become a better leader in the workplace. Life Coaching can give you the tangible skills you need to become a better communicator, while helping you grow a meaningful and flexible business. If you’re a good listener that wants to inspire people and help them grow beyond their comfort zone, maybe coaching is for you?

Are you ready to take the next step in finding your purpose and making a difference in the world? Learn what it takes to become a Life Coach. Check out our list of Evolutionary Coach Training Programs and free webinars to help you start your new and rewarding career in coaching.

Written by TNM Coaching


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