Cultivating Super Creativity and Genius in Your Coaching Practice

Are you looking to explore innovative methods that go beyond the conventional?  Whether you’re an emerging coach or a long-time practitioner – this webinar is for you!


Date and Time
30 October 2024 @ 1:30-2:30pm CEST

Join us as we explore “Cultivating Super Creativity and Genius in Your Coaching Practice.” Led by Master Certified Coach Zoran Todorovic, this session will unlock the secrets to unleashing your creative potential and tapping into the genius within. Discover how to foster creativity, inspire innovation, and ignite genius in yourself and your clients.

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What will you learn?

  • Strategies for unlocking and fostering creativity
  • Techniques to inspire innovation and breakthrough thinking
  • Practical exercises to tap into the genius within
  • How to apply creativity and genius in your coaching practice for transformative results

Meet the facilitator

This webinar is presented by TNM Coaching Founder and ICF certified Master Coach, Zoran Todorovic. Zoran is a leading international master coach, notable author, sought after speaker, thought leader, visionary and passionate activist for the evolution of human consciousness.

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