Creating a Culture
of Well-being

Whether you’re an organisation seeking to create a supportive environment or an individual looking to prioritize self-care, this webinar will give you valuable insights and useful tips to promote well-being.


Date and Time
28 August 2024 @ 3:00-4:00pm CEST

Join us as we explore the value of building a culture of well-being in today’s workplace. Learn practical methods for enhancing employee engagement, growing a positive work environment and promoting overall wellness.  Led by well-being experts Zoran Todorovic and Vivienne Ladommatou, this session will delve into the essential elements of a well-being culture and how to integrate them into your organisation.

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What will you learn?

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of prioritizing well-being in today’s workplace
  • Strategies for promoting mental and physical wellness among employees
  • Insights into creating a supportive and inclusive well-being culture
  • Practical techniques for enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Tips for fostering resilience and managing stress in the workplace

Meet the speakers

Zoran Todorovic is the founder of TNM Coaching and an ICF certified Master Coach. He works with global organisations to design, develop and deliver training solutions that unlock the potential of their greatest asset – people. Zoran is a notable author, sought after speaker, thought leader and passionate activist for the evolution of human consciousness.

Vivienne Ladommatou is an executive coach and leadership development expert with a corporate and entrepreneurial background. She has coached and trained thousands of leaders in the world’s top organisations.  Her focus is to work with individuals, teams and organisations to make the world a better, kinder and happier place.

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