23 March 2023

The power of groups in collective transformation

We are stronger and far more capable when we work together.

The power of learning and growing with like-minded people creates a strong tribe mentality, a real sense of community. The current climate has enabled us to embrace solidarity, and made us realise that we are stronger and far more capable when we work together.

Individualist vs Collectivist – how we are moving towards collectivism
We are experiencing a major evolution in consciousness. We are moving away from old paradigms of self. The movement from ‘I’ to ‘we’ is a powerful one. We are acknowledging our oneness and we are shifting our mindset. We are so much stronger as a collective; this is where we can step into our power and make great changes by supporting and uplifting one another!

The role of groups in transformation
TNM LIFE classes are streaming live, which boosts their transformative impact. Being able to speak with one another in real time opens up the floor for questions, group discussions and open conversations. The impact of having direct responses helps us to feel understood and listened to. According to global research analyst Josh Bersin, studying alone allows us to remember 28% of what we learn after two days, and 46% when we repeat the material. However, in a group environment this number increases to a whopping 69% thanks to actively using the information in the form of questions, recalling or discussions.

Accountability is realising that our decisions affect not only ourselves, but also those around us. Taking responsibility for the way we navigate life can help us to make better decisions. In a group environment, we feel as if we are in it together. This feeling of camaraderie encourages us to show up for one another and not let each other down. And having the lifeline of our community to hold onto during moments of weakness can provide vital support.

Peer-to-peer support 
Sharing within a group environment helps to establish connections and a sense of trust. This allows us to delve deeper into our journey and open up even more. Vulnerability is key to healing; the more we share, the better the responses we get. When you realise others are going through the same processes and challenges as you, you realise you are not alone on your journey. By understanding our struggles are similar, we can move past them and support one another.

Improved communication skills
Being able to uncover your own issues and share them with others, but also listening and helping to guide others in dealing with their problems will, in turn, lead to improved communication skills. It also fosters empathy and compassion. By sharing what we are going through, on the other hand, we learn to better express ourselves. Verbalising our feelings helps to release the power they can have over us. This skill alone can help us to self-regulate our emotions, and deal with conflict or challenges in a healthy way.

Development of self-awareness
Group work allows individuals to develop self-awareness by listening to others with similar issues, and receiving feedback on their own challenges. From here, we can understand our own needs, habits, desires, strengths and weaknesses better. When we have a more rounded understanding of ourselves, we can identify where we are able to improve in life and which areas require change. Being self-aware can also identify our unique stressors, so we can build coping mechanisms to create a more balanced and happy life.

Improved critical thinking and problem solving
Collaborative learning leads us to look at our own situation through an objective lens. We all have our struggles and this is nothing to be ashamed of. When we receive feedback and insights from someone else’s point of view, it can help us to take a step back. Rather than continuing to focus on the problem, we can start to put our energy into finding solutions. This kind of critical thinking is vital to making changes and not allowing ourselves to be paralysed in emotions or get caught up in a victim mentality. We are capable of freeing ourselves from issues and have the ability to move past them.

Finding your voice
It’s not often in life that we can raise our concerns in a safe space without judgment or recourse. Sharing our feelings without a filter, speaking uninterrupted and feeling truly heard can build our confidence in a big way. It can help to prepare us for outside situations and give us the skills to become more vocal and stand up for ourselves.

Building deep connections and relationships
Human connection comes from relating to one another and our shared commonalities. This feeling of understanding and acceptance can help us build new relationships and forge wonderful connections. Herd mentality means you and others in a group can influence each other positively – which builds healthy friendships. Having support in our day-to-day lives is imperative to feeling fulfilled and happy.

Our social networks also affect our neurological networks…think about that for a moment. We have specialised brain cells called mirror neurons that allow us to learn and empathise with others by observing their actions. Beautiful things can happen when everyone is in the mindset of transformation and working on becoming the best version of themselves.

Learning from one another
The diversity of a group made up of people from different socio-economic backgrounds, and of different genders, ethnicities, sexualities, religions and so forth gives a wide array of perspectives and opinions. This can challenge participants to view their situation in a way they otherwise would not have done. This is a wonderful opportunity for group members to learn from one another. We can take on the role of a mentor or role model for others, which is incredibly empowering. Everyone has something to offer.

TNM Life is a global learning community designed for YOU, someone committed to realising and fulfilling their personal potential and dedicated to the evolution of humanity and sustaining its brilliance. Our live, virtual Life Classes, Life Coaching and Life-Changing Events are designed to provide you with practical solutions to real-life challenges, and to give you the tools and skills to create a truly extraordinary and magical LIFE!

Written by TNM Coaching


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