Vibrant Leader

A profound journey to become a creator of visionary change

Uncover the vibrant, infinitely capable leader that lies inside

When talking to your leadership team, do they ever mention feeling stuck, not fulfilling their potential or not feeling able to be the truest expression of themselves as a person or a leader?

Do your leaders sense that there’s more to them, their life and their capacity as a leader than they presently know and experience?

The Vibrant Leader program guides them on a voyage to become the amazing person they really are and realise their most profound leadership potential. On the way, they will:

  • learn how to experience true fulfilment and personal connection.
  • discover that they are more capable than they ever imagined.
  • connect to their dazzling personal leadership power.
  • transform their relationship with others at work and at home.
  • access their unique passions, gifts and visions in life.
  • find that even the grandest of visions can be great fun and easy to materialise.
  • become a true thought leader and visionary.

This program helps leaders connect to this power so they can step into their full leadership potential and become a creator of visionary change in their organisation and the wider world.


4 months


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Who this program is for

This program is ideal for senior leaders who have reached a ceiling in their career, feel stuck or stale in their role and need to access new levels of energy, skills and abilities to make a greater impact.

The ideal group size for this program is between 15 and 18 participants to ensure each person has the opportunity to participate and be guided fully.

What to expect on this program

This unique program takes participants on a journey of self-reflection, knowledge acquisition and skills development.

The program is delivered in four modules.

Vibrant Leader
This module is a unique adventure leading participants to the most vibrant expression of who they really are. Participants spend this first module working to:

  • awaken their personal leadership energy.
  • release old patterns and images of them that inhibit their magnificence.
  • attain a deep and profound connection to themselves and humankind.
  • access their innate knowing, wisdom and intuition and integrate this into their life for immediate results in all areas.
  • discover the vibrant, charismatic, “leaderful” them.

Conscious Creation
During this next module, participants learn to work energetically for what they want in every moment. This is deeply reflective of their own passions so that life will never be the same again.

Participants will discover:

  • how to access their personal mission and vision and learn how these can be completed or changed in a moment.
  • the key to source reality creation: working towards what they want to happen for themselves and humanity.
  • how to seed consciousness and work energetically for effortless creation with passion and joy.

Living as a Vibrant Leader
In the third module, participants learn a new skillset enabling them to work powerfully with energy, consciousness and previously undiscovered facets of their own makeup. This part of the program will include:

  • Integrative holistic living
  • Breakthrough leading
  • The art of conscious relationships
  • Accessing super-creativity
  • Working in hyper-speed
  • Working on multiple projects simultaneously with a new kind of grace

Conscious Reality Creation
This final module is about working energetically to land creations in the world and includes:

  • working consciously within established systems for change, creation and evolution.
  • assistance on individual projects/issues arising over the past months.
  • the creation of group projects (optional).
  • a celebration of an amazing time together!

Learning outcomes

As a result of embracing all aspects of this program participants will:

  • lead with immeasurable confidence and esteem.
  • have access to intuition, innate knowing, telepathy, hyper-speed thinking, wisdom and intelligence on the highest levels.
  • lead with communication and relationship skills beyond anything taught in traditional leadership programs.
  • be able to communicate charismatically and clearly what they want at any given moment.
  • be in complete integrity with themselves and the world around them.
  • work with consciousness to create a business reality from their passions with ease and grace.
  • lead with the fulfilment of acting for a greater purpose in all they do.

Participants will step into their potential as a global reality creator. They will be able to live so completely true to themselves that things come naturally, graciously, powerfully and delightfully into being.

How participants learn

The Vibrant Leader program is delivered over four months by a qualified TNM coach.

Delivery includes:

  • Pre-work: participants are given brief pre-work questions and are required to identify the idea or material they want to use as the basis for a leadership case during the program.
  • A workshop manual: this is provided onsite for the completion of exercises, reflections and notes.
  • A series of face-to-face and virtual workshops across the 4 months.
  • Post-program pack: participants will receive a collection of activities and resources to reinforce and extend learning.

Participants will benefit from

  • Fun, relaxed and interactive sessions that go beyond standard professional development programs
  • Highly experienced trainers with decades of leadership and coaching experience in an industry relevant to them
  • A holistic approach that develops their mind, soul and spirit
  • Learning that fits within a tailored development program

Next Steps

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