Un-Snappable with David Papa

Know what to do, no matter what life throws at you.

David Papa will help you face the world head-on with the resilience you never knew you had.

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10 x 90-minute sessions

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About this class

A whirlwind of social, economic, health and personal crises is pushing everyone to the limit of their ability to handle disruption and navigate their lives successfully. People are feeling out of control and powerless, and many are breaking down. Sound familiar?

This program aims to remedy this situation and provide calm during the storm by building resilience.

In the Un-Snappable course, you will receive your own Personal Resilience Profile, a model based on 30 years of resilience science. You’ll then learn how to use it to activate seven epic spiritual and emotional strengths inside you to navigate change with ease and handle whatever challenges cross your path.

The skills you learn will become a part of you that you can draw on for the rest of your life, like friends you can take into any challenge and come out victorious.

Why should I attend?

If you want to stand strong in the winds of change and help others do the same, or if you’ve been knocked down by life and want to rise stronger than before, this course is for you.

You’ll become un-snappable, whatever life throws at you, when you:

  • Get your Personal Resilience Profile and learn how to interpret your unique capacity for handling change
  • Understand what happens to us during intense change and understand how resilience helps you react faster and better
  • Understand why some people thrive in adversity and others break down
  • Discover the deep core of resilience inside you and learn how to use it
  • Learn how to tap the seven key energies of resilience for yourself and others
  • Learn the roots of resilience which no person or situation can take from you
  • Master of resilience and adaptability on a mental, emotional and spiritual level
  • Learn from the challenges and stories of your fellow participants


What will I learn?

Over ten sessions, Un-Snappable facilitator David Papa will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to build your core resilience.

Session 1: Why some people are crushed by change
Session 2: Your Personal Resilience Profile
Session 3: Positive: The World
Session 4: Positive: Yourself
Session 5: Focused
Session 6: Flexible: Thoughts
Session 7: Flexible: Social
Session 8: Organised
Session 9: Proactive
Session 10: Putting it all together

At the end of the course, we’ll recap the essential elements of mastering resilience and fix the habits of being un-snappable in your daily life.

Your teacher

David Papa’s passion is to help people tap into the love, peace, and power for life that they have available inside. He spent his first career and most of his adulthood listening to his rational mind and mental beliefs about how to run his life – and hated it. His relationships soon fell apart, he was miserable at work, and he was depressed. He did that twice. Finally, he left everything behind in 2013 to commit fully to his spiritual path, his heart, and his intuition. He was guided to his purpose to create his own business, coach leaders and entrepreneurs around the world, and teach hundreds of people how to live and work from the heart. He guides people in emotional healing, teaches mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation.

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