The Workshop

A fast, fun, one-stop way to resilience, agility and well-being

The Workshop is a fast and effective, coaching approach to well-being and the key outcomes are increased inner-strength and resilience.

It provides proven strategies for growth and improvement and focuses on the single most important relationship in our life, the one we have with ourselves.

The Workshop takes a pragmatic, holistic approach to personal growth, through the lens of all four forms of human intelligences – physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual.

It provides the framework and inspiration for self-reflection and self-coaching, and leaves participants with a plan for personal improvement and the motivation to implement it.


1-day face-to-face + 75 min personal group coaching call

Face-to-face (virtual options available) + virtual

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Who this program is for

Designed to empower employees at all levels, The Workshop provides the space and framework for individuals to assess their current state of self-awareness, motivation and well-being, and gives them the opportunity and tools to do something about whatever is not working well.

The program is designed to be flexible and user-centric and to accommodate groups of any size.

What to expect on this program

The Workshop is the ultimate user-friendly approach to learning and development, consisting of a self-assessment, online personality test, personal group coaching call, one-day workshop with a group of peers, and follow-up networking to ensure insights gained produce meaningful action.

Learning outcomes

  • Accelerated personal growth and well-being that enhances performance in any role
  • Increased resilience and learning agility
  • Self-awareness and self-regulation
  • Renewed commitment, motivation and accountability
  • Self-coaching as a habit
  • Fertile ground for ongoing personal well-being and growth

How participants learn

  • Psychologically informed content and activities
  • Unique self-assessment tool focusing on four intelligences (PQ, IQ, EQ, SQ)
  • Enneagram to identify blind spots and strategies for growth and empathy
  • Cutting edge coaching practices including self-coaching
  • Knowledge transfer and coach-facilitated discussions
  • Feedback and self-disclosure

Participants will benefit from

  • Real and relevant topics
  • Meaningful fun and serious games
  • Highly experienced coach-facilitators with decades of experience
  • Peer networking
  • Self-coaching

Next Steps

Give your people the opportunity to be happier and healthier and contribute to a happier, healthier world.

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