The Power of Connection with Susan Lynch

The key to staying steady through the eye of the storm

Learn how to connect your mind, body and soul to live as the most motivated, happy and relaxed version of yourself.

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About this class

Humans are innately social creatures, hard-wired to seek out a community. Because connection is an exchange of humanity, your brain sees a lack of human connection as a danger, the same as physical pain, and affects you both psychologically and physically.

The Power of Connection workshop with experienced trainer, Susan Lynch, explores connection and how you can stimulate your brain to release the neurotransmitters to feel more happy, motivated, and relaxed.

Why should I attend?

If you’re feeling disconnected, lonely, unmotivated or dissatisfied in life – the Power of Connection workshop is for you.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the brain-body-soul connection and leave knowing how to create deeper connections with yourself and others.


What will I learn?

This knowledge in this workshop is delivered through meditations and exercises which gives you tools you can use straight away.

You’ll gain a clear understanding of connection, and how to deepen it through your mind, body and soul. You’ll then learn about how to work with your brain and the neurotransmitters for greater happiness, motivation, and relaxation.

Your teacher

Susan has been coaching and training for over 15 years and is a masterful evolutionary coach and inspirational trainer. She naturally connects deeply with her clients whether they are working for a bank, university, advertising agency, treatment center and charity or they are currently residing under the care of Her Majesty’s Prison.

Susan supports organizations to help them take care of their most valuable asset, their people. By focusing on well-being, her clients see improvements in their sleep, concentration, stress and energy levels, which leads to amazing results in their creativity, productivity, motivation and work/life balance.

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