Team Coaching

Highly targeted coaching to accelerate team success

Team coaching is more than problem-solving; it’s a platform for success.

If we accept that teams are the new unit of currency in organisations, we must also accept that to ask teams to be the creative, productive forces they’re capable of being, we need to offer sustainable support and development opportunities. One of the enabling conditions for team effectiveness is shared understanding, which is why team coaching has grown as a legitimate response to the need to create high-performing teams.

The work of team coaches is to improve the factors that impede group and team performance. TNM’s approach both improves social and emotional intelligence and optimises the essential conditions for team effectiveness such as sharing a compelling purpose, working cohesively together, communicating openly, having sound structures and processes, and a supportive ethos



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Who this program is for

Team coaching is suitable for existing teams who have an identified need to improve team cohesion and performance, and for teams who are embarking on significant, high-impact projects.

What to expect on this program

TNM’s Team Coaching offering is delivered by ICF-accredited coaches who have collectively worked with clients on over 200 different types of goals, problems, and situations. Our professional coaches have an exceptional depth and breadth of training, skills, knowledge and experience that they draw on with each team they work with.

Our coaches bring an objective point of view, excellent listening and analysis skills to redirect or reinforce conversations and help teams create actionable initiatives. Team coaching creates fundamental, sustainable changes in team effectiveness, and develops the enormous collective potential your teams hold.

During the team coaching process, teams will:

  • Increase their awareness, individually and collectively, about their teamwork skills.
  • Enhance specific areas of team performance.
  • Receive unbiased and honest feedback from an experienced coach.
  • Recognise the opportunities in front of them and be encouraged to try out new things.
  • Grow team, collaboration and coaching skills and competencies.
  • Realise their true potential and be inspired to work towards fulfilling it.

Learning outcomes

The team coaching process aims to:

  • improve individual and collective decision-making skills.
  • enrich each person’s leadership style.
  • increase team productivity.
  • boost individual and collective confidence.
  • boost the team’s feelings of connection and engagement.
  • intensify the team’s motivation to achieve a common purpose.
  • enable team members to experience more satisfaction at work.
  • inspire teams to deliver extraordinary results.
  • allow teams to feel that they have accelerated their progress.

How participants learn

While each team coaching engagement is tailored to the unique needs of the team, we follow this general process.

We have an initial conversation with the sponsor (e.g. yourself) to discuss the objectives of the engagement and any parameters such as. timescales, and what’s in and out of scope). Following this, we’ll provide a formal proposal.

Phase 1: Diagnosis
This begins with a one-to-one interview with each team member to get their perspective on the challenges facing the business and themselves both as an individual and as part of the team. We also dive into what is working well and what is getting in the way of progress.

This is complemented by an observation of the team members working together (e.g., at a team meeting), so that the coach can see them in action and the dynamics between them.

At this meeting, the coach can offer their initial observations to the team or sponsor.

Phase 2: Development
Depending on the outcomes of Phase 1, the coach will propose and agree with the team on specific development activities that will be the focus of the team coaching sessions. These could include one or a combination of:

  • Team workshop/s: sessions where the coach facilitates learning and discussions on key priorities for the team.
  • Individual coaching: one-to-one sessions with individual team members, when needed, to work on specific challenges.
  • Team observation and feedback: observation by the coach of team meetings and feedback to challenge behaviours and ways of working to encourage continuous improvement.

The specific activities chosen are selected based on the needs and observations from the diagnosis phase and which will best help the team reach the objectives identified in the scoping phase.

Phase 3: Follow-up
The team coach will carry out a final observation and provide feedback on the team to acknowledge where progress has been made and highlight any areas for further development.

Format and packages
We recommend a package of six group coaching sessions to give each person the opportunity to express themselves. We find that the willingness to trust and supportively challenge each other grows as the sessions progress, enabling a greater impact than a one-off occasion.

Group coaching sessions can be run virtually or face-to-face and we recommend a minimum duration of 90 minutes.

Package 1 Team Coaching – Virtual
6 x 90-minute virtual coaching sessions Duration:
3 months; 2 sessions per month
Total Hours: 9

Package 2 Team Coaching – Face-to-Face (F2F)
4 x 2-hour F2F coaching session
Duration: 3 months; 1-2 sessions per month
Total Hours: 8

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Participants will benefit from

  • Fun, relaxed and interactive sessions that go beyond standard training and coaching programs
  • Highly experienced ICF-accredited trainers with decades of coaching experience
  • Learning that fits within a tailored development program
  • A holistic approach that develops their mind, spirit and soul

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