Team Coaching Skills for Managers, Leaders & Coaches

Critical coaching skills for cohesive and inspired teams

Discover how to use coaching to spark team genius and accelerate performance

Using team coaching skills to support teams is gaining ground as more managers and leaders see the benefits of this approach. The coaching process itself supports attitudes of openness and accountability and fosters communication between members to increase trust, without which true collaboration can’t happen. At TNM, we’ve seen first-hand how it creates deeper relationships and team cohesiveness which trigger greater engagement, creativity, project ownership and committed action.

This Team Coaching Skills program provides leaders and managers with a practical toolkit of team coaching knowledge, and techniques they can apply immediately to develop individuals and teams. Most importantly, participants will leave excited to challenge the boundaries of what they believe is possible in increasing their team’s effectiveness.


3 days

Virtual or face-to-face with pre and post-program work

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Who this program is for

This program is suitable for executives, managers, project managers, team leaders and human resource professionals.

It’s ideal for leaders at every level who want to learn coaching skills to expand their toolbox and nurture teams that thrive.

What to expect on this program

Team Coaching Skills for Managers, Leaders & Coaches is an intensive, fast-paced, experiential, and business-relevant learning challenge.

During the program, participants learn and experience how to use revolutionary coaching techniques to inspire others to believe in their own success, sharpen their focus, and make radical shifts to achieve extraordinary results.

They will learn and practice foundational individual and team-coaching skills, tools and techniques, discover their personal communication and coaching style, deepen their understanding of team development processes and dynamics, and learn to design and facilitate critical team coaching conversations.

With this expanded leadership toolbox, participants will feel confident in their ability to coach their team towards a shared team identity and purpose.

Learning outcomes

The aim of this program is for participants to leave engaged, curious, inspired, and empowered to use their newly acquired knowledge straight away.

Participants leave this program knowing where to start, what to practice and how, and where to find support when they need it.

By the end of this program participants will:

  • understand their role as a manager or leader as a coach, and the importance of developing coaching skills as an essential part of their toolbox.
  • be able to apply foundational coaching principles and skills in their everyday work environment.
  • understand how individual and team coaching are connected, and how are they different.
  • have a foundational understanding of team development stages and the five disciplines of successful team practice.
  • have learned to recognise the distinct needs of their team in each stage and recognise the importance of adapting their leadership and coaching style accordingly.
  • know how to implement the specific techniques that create a shared team identity and purpose.
  • be able to design a long-term team coaching process built around team contracting and agreements.
  • have had practice designing and facilitating challenging team conversations.

How participants learn

The Team Coaching Skills for Managers, Leaders & Coaches program balances theoretical knowledge and practical application rooted in the values and specific business reality of your organisation.

The program is delivered face-to-face or virtually as a Zoom workshop and uses a variety of teaching and learning modes. It includes a virtual follow-up group coaching session four to six weeks after the initial three-day workshop.

Following the completion of each session, participants receive additional resources (e.g., recommended books, podcasts and videos) and set an on-the-job assignment that will further reinforce the learning objectives.

Participants learn via:

  • trainer-led facilitation grounded in team coaching and training principles;
  • interactive exercises and discussion;
  • exercises that emulate real workplace experiences relevant to the participants to trigger curiosity, self-awareness and readiness to experiment; and
  • mentor support by email for up to one month after program completion.

Pre-course assignment
Ahead of the workshop, participants will receive an invitation letter that includes self-reflection questions to encourage participants to come to the workshop curious and ready to participate.

The Workshop Experience

DAY 1: Coaching Foundations

  • Setting the scene – introduction and warming up
  • What memorable leaders do differently
  • The 3 hats of a manager and why coaching matters
  • What is coaching and what is not coaching
  • How to Coach – a step-by-step guide for an effective coaching conversation
  • The key skills triangle: Clarifying – Exploring – Discovering
  • Three levels of listening
  • Listening so you know what questions to ask and reflections to share
  • Evening assignment – a fun activity to help the day’s learning stick

DAY 2: Teams and Performance

  • Discovering the difference between individual achievement versus team achievement
  • The magic of teams – who you can become when you work together
  • Essentials of team dynamics and assessing the development of your team
  • Knowing your role – how being a team coach is different from being a leader
  • The team coaching process – key steps and a few guidelines
  • Backward goal setting – starting with the future in mind
  • Coaching to ensure accountability
  • Another fun evening assignment to keep participants curious

DAY 3: The Team Coaching Toolbox

  • Using the four dominant styles of communication to share strengths and needs
  • Creating a shared identity and purpose
  • Creating team agreements and process goals
  • Coaching through conflicts and setbacks
  • Using celebration as inspiration
  • Wrap-up: a session of reflection and commitment to empower participants to implement the learning

Participants will benefit from

  • Fun, relaxed and interactive sessions that go beyond standard leadership and coaching programs
  • Highly experienced coaches with decades of leadership and coaching experience in an industry relevant to them
  • Social learning and support from other participants
  • Learning that fits within a tailored development program
  • A holistic approach that develops their mind, soul and spirit

Next Steps

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