Standing for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Embedding a culture of anti-racism and anti-oppression in the workplace

It’s time to embrace diversity, equity and inclusion training from the inside out.

We stand at a critical crossroads. The current global crises have laid bare painful inequities around the globe we can no longer afford to ignore.

But, if we have the courage to face those inequities head-on within our own organisations, we can begin to move the needle and create cultures grounded on principles of justice, equality, and the right of every human to live with peace, prosperity, and self-determination.

In addition to being ethically and morally right, taking positive actions to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organisations leads to:

  • More creativity and innovation
  • Faster problem-solving and better decision-making
  • Better hiring results and less turnover
  • Higher levels of employee alignment and engagement
  • Increased profits

This thought-provoking diversity, equity and inclusion program challenges participants’ current assumptions and encourages them to devise actionable and impactful solutions that address the specific issues faced by their organisation.


6 months

Virtual and digital learning

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Who this program is for

This diversity and inclusion program is for both new and experienced leaders, along with individual contributors, who have an interest in social justice and equity, and a desire to do the hard (and often messy) work of helping to move the needle for themselves, their teams, their communities, and their organisation.

What to expect on this program

We are all leaders. Whether or not we have a designation of authority. Each one of us has a sphere of influence and the potential to be a voice of change.

As we deepen our understanding of who we are in relation to the systems and structures around us, we can exert influence to bring greater levels of diversity, equity, and inclusion into our organisations and beyond.

Moving towards diversity, equity, and inclusion is a journey, not a destination, therefore the learning objectives for this program are framed as a set of “How might we…” questions to be explored, rather than as goals to be achieved.

  • How might we…expand our understanding of the history, contexts, and key factors that contribute to existing systems of inequity?
  • How might we…be courageous in examining assumptions and beliefs; our own, and those that are a part of the cultures in which we live and work?
  • How might we…step into action and be part of the solution every day, as we strive to create true diversity, equity, and inclusion in our organisation (and beyond)?

Data collection for efficacy, impact and sustainability.

We collect data regarding the impact of this program at various points before, during, and after engagement to (a) drive a process of continual improvement and (b) support research into the efficacy of diversity, equity and inclusion programs and the sustainability of the change process.

Participants will complete Pre, Post, and Post-Post Assessments evaluating cultural competency and perspectives on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. They’ll also provide real-time data in the form of qualitative evaluations upon completion of each session.

All information is kept confidential and secure according to current data privacy legislation.

Learning outcomes

Standing for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is an engaging and flexible learning experience, without the application requirements or financial and time investment of a longer program.

Through direct teaching, group discussion, practical exercises and self-reflection, helps participants, teams and organisations:

  • improve group and team performance by expanding the talent pool and leveraging different perspectives and skill sets.
  • foster a culture of inclusion where employees feel respected and their perspectives and contributions valued.
  • examine potential barriers to both diversity and inclusion and design solutions to overcome those obstacles.
  • distinguish cultural myths from credible research in order to design and implement solutions that create diversity in the workplace and increase organisational performance.

On completion of the course, all participants receive a Certificate of Completion to add to their LinkedIn profile and download for your records.

How participants learn

This highly interactive program utilises a variety of learning methodologies designed to engage individuals with diverse learning styles, including direct instruction, large and small group discussions, experiential activities, case studies, peer-to-peer learning, readings, role play and videos.

The Standing for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program is delivered via:

  • Pre and Post Assessments
  • Nine (9) two-hour online sessions
  • Monthly readings, videos, and journaling assignments
  • Monthly interim small group calls
  • A capstone project

A workshop manual with material for course participants will be provided online prior to each session.
The total time commitment for each participant in the program will be approximately three (3) hours per week.

Participants will benefit from

  • Relaxed and interactive sessions that go beyond standard leadership and management programs
  • Highly experienced facilitators with decades of leadership and coaching experience
  • Social learning and support from other participants
  • Learning that fits within a tailored development program

Next Steps

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