Revolutionising Leadership in the Age of AI

Leveraging AI to immediately deliver value, drive efficiency and unlock creativity.

Prepare your leaders to work with, rather than against, AI for exceptional outcomes

The advent of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) marks a pivotal moment in human history, potentially surpassing the transformative impact of the internet, steam engine, and printing press combined. AI offers us new ways of working, but it also raises questions about ethics, risk and job security.

Despite its immense potential, most leaders find themselves inadequately prepared to navigate the challenges, and harness the opportunities, presented by this revolutionary technology.

Our customisable AI Leadership programs are designed to empower your leaders with the knowledge and skills required to lead confidently and creatively amidst AI-enabled innovation and rapid digital transformation.


2 Days

Face to Face (virtual options are available)

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Who this program is for

Employees at all levels, but particularly those in senior management and leadership positions who are seeking to enhance their understanding of how AI is applicable to their work.

What to expect on this program

We address key questions which are essential for effective leadership in the AI landscape:

  • What strategic thinking and knowledge are necessary for leaders to play a confident and creative role in AI-enabled innovation and digital transformation?
  • How can leaders guide their teams towards a purpose-led and human-centric AI-powered future, steering clear of dystopian scenarios?
  • What capabilities do leaders need to handle AI opportunities and risks effectively, morally, and confidently, and how can these capabilities be rapidly developed?

Learning outcomes

During this program, leaders will:

  • Acquire technological assurance by gaining a foundational understanding of technological concepts that will allow them to engage confidently with experts and technologists
  • Explore GenAI offerings, discovering a plethora of Generative AI and AI apps and services applicable across operations, marketing, and people management
  • Discover unprecedented Innovation horizons and be inspired by the immense opportunities for AI-enabled innovation in customer-facing products and employee-facing processes
  • Understand AI risk preparedness and ethical resilience by developing awareness of potential hazards in leveraging GenAIs and the ability to make ethically sound decisions
  • Identify challenges for AI-driven innovation by learning how to recognise customer-centric and employee-focused problems suitable for AI-enabled innovation, avoiding wasteful expenses
  • Set practical and tangible next steps, workshopping with other participants to create actionable next steps for digital transformation and AI-enabled innovation programs in their organisations

How participants learn

Our programs are fully customised to your business context. Participants will learn through:

  • Creative, emotive, and experiential design for profound transformation
  • State-of-the-art coaching tools and practices for optimal results
  • Deep Design and transformational coaching for maximum impact

Participants will benefit from

  • Fun, relaxed and interactive sessions that go beyond standard professional development programs
  • Highly experienced trainers with decades of leadership experience
  • Support from other participants at the same stage of leadership development
  • Learning that fits within a tailored Leadership Transition program that spans their whole career

Next Steps

Support your leaders in navigating the transformative landscape of AI leadership.

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