Resilient Humans, Synergised Teams

How to handle a crisis, create change, and become stronger together

Helping teams develop the resilience to navigate through uncertainty

Over the last decade, our world has faced a barrage of disruptive events. It seems at any moment another shock will hit our economies, businesses, health, and personal lives. It’s not surprising that many of us wonder how we can stay focused during this uncertainty, make sense of our environment, and navigate through the turbulence toward outcomes we actually want.

The answer lies in using our innate personal resilience to find opportunities amongst the disruption, stability in confusion, and focus amidst the chaos. When teams learn how to harness their personal resilience together, they are naturally able to collaborate and act with agility, coming out the other side stronger and more capable.

This program uses psychology and behavioral science to help leaders and their teams become aware of their behaviors during change and build habits for greater personal resilience both individually and collectively.


8 x 2-hour sessions

Virtual, face-to-face or a blend of both

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Who this program is for

This program is designed for leaders and their teams who work in unpredictable and fast-moving industries, or in organisations where the delivery of products or services is significantly influenced by dramatic changes to the economy, weather or even public health.

It’s suitable for complete teams of up to 10 people including team managers.

What to expect on this program

Each participant will receive a Personal Resilience Profile report with individually calculated scores in all seven aspects of resilience. This report provides them with a deep understanding of their resilience strengths and a clear path for addressing their weaknesses.

The group will also receive a Team Resilience Report showing their overall team resilience. They can use this to discover their exact resilience blind spots and create team behaviours to make them stronger together.

Optional add-on: A Team Synergy report that allows teams to diagnose their collaboration challenges and use the science of team synergy to greatly enhance their collective creativity and productivity.

Participants will begin by understanding:

  • The seven core aspects of resilience as researched and defined over 30 years by the Resilience Alliance in the United States.
  • The psychology of disruption and change
  • How change affects our own behaviours, needs, and motivations
  • Why people and teams either fail or succeed during turbulent times

They’ll then learn how to:

  • Be aware of, and manage, their own disruptive patterns
  • Form new resilient habits using behaviour change science
  • Communicate and collaborate more effectively during stressful times
  • Diagnose problems during times of change and correct course for productive outcomes
  • Handle large amounts of change with fewer unproductive behaviours and more helpful behaviours

Learning outcomes

Both participants and teams will leave the program confident in their capacity to:

  • improve and build on any of the seven aspects of resilience;
  • work on a new resilience habit that will expand resilience exponentially over time and prepare them for any upcoming change;
  • use the language of resilience to diagnose and solve problems in their work and habits; and
  • connect more deeply to themselves and others, giving support in a way that increases our preferred outcomes in difficult situations.

How participants learn

This program can be conducted entirely virtually, face-to-face, or a blend of both.

Following the completion of this program, participants will be placed into the TNM Conscious Community for continued connection, personal development, events, and the ability to ask questions of TNM coaches.

Participants will benefit from

  • Fun, relaxed and interactive sessions that go beyond standard team-building programs
  • Highly experienced coaches with decades of leadership and coaching experience in an industry relevant to them
  • Learning that fits within a tailored development program
  • A holistic approach that develops their mind, soul and spirit

Next Steps

Give your teams the resilience to tackle any challenge head-on. Book your FREE discovery call with a TNM Lead Trainer today to find out more about this program and book your places.


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