4 techniques to use now to turn your most toxic relationships into life affirming connections.

Life’s hard when you avoid having certain conversations or are filled with dread when you’re around particular people. Fortunately, by using the right techniques, you can turn the table on these unpleasant scenarios and move towards healthier and happier relationships.

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About this class

A masterclass in communication for anyone who wants to clean up their most difficult relationships.

We all have messy relationships – whether they’re with our mother, father, sister, brother, partner, friend, child, boss or a colleague. Even great relationships can turn sour from time to time.

Rather than battling through or avoiding the problem, it’s time to ask: what turns our relationships sour? And how do we turn them around?

In our experience, it’s a poor relationship with ourselves and our emotions, in addition to high expectations and baseless assumptions that get in the way of us communicating with and relating to others effectively.

We continue to have painful experiences because we don’t have the self-awareness to understand how the dynamics we bring to the relationship are causing us to ask the wrong questions, place blame (sometimes unintentionally) and fail to show empathy when it’s needed most.

Based on techniques from our new book Loved: How to coach yourself to well being through self love, we’ve created a 45-minute masterclass that sets out:

  • The many factors – external and internal to us – that cause relationships to become difficult or even toxic.
  • The difference between self-esteem and self-love, and the role self-love plays in positive relationships.
  • Four simple techniques based on proven psychological principles that you can use immediately to improve the way you communicate and relate to the people in your life.

Why should I attend?

  • Do you want to find a positive way to heal relationship conflicts?
  • Are you looking for a better way to communicate with your loved ones?
  • Do you dream of tension-free family events?
  • Are you seeking a healthy way to be heard in the workplace?
  • Do you want greater intimacy in your relationships, but aren’t sure how to ask?
  • Do you let emotions get in the way, when what you really want is calm?
  • Do you want your relationships to exist on a more equal footing?

This masterclass will give you the techniques and gentle ‘ah ha’ moments you need to be proactive and change your difficult relationships for the better and address the uncomfortable situations we listed above.

This masterclass is taught by Vivienne Ladommatou and Shaun Young, the founders of Hall & Grace, a coaching and training business designed to empower people to be themselves, to love who they are and to live the life they want.

As specialists, each with over 25 years’ experience as successful credentialed coaches to thousands of happy clients around the world, Vivienne and Shaun have learnt that the key to a happy, healthy and wealthy life is well-being, and that begins with self-love.

They use a potent mixture of coaching, psychology and ancient wisdom in a way that’s relevant and meaningful to everyone, to address the everyday challenges you face every day and unlock the potential for a meaningful, happy life.


What will I learn?

This masterclass will teach you the skills and insights to have stress-free interactions with people who usually trigger your darkest and most uncomfortable emotions. You’ll gain:

  • The ability to deal with difficult situations in relationships and resolve them in a positive way, without stress.
  • You’ll know how to stay present and on track when preparing for and having a difficult conversation.
  • You’ll know how to respond rather than react to other people by recognising what state you’re in.
  • You’ll have the tools to have more loving conversations and relationships with yourself and others.

Your teacher

Shaun Young is a qualified Integral Coach with 25 years of experience as a specialist in behavioral change. He has coached and mentored thousands of individuals, leaders, and teams through turbulent times.

Vivienne Ladommatou brings three decades of experience as a leader and mentor to coaching. She has coached thousands of high achievers in some of the world’s leading corporations and organizations.

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