Persuasive Power

How to deliver messages that inspire, influence and engage

It takes more than a carefully crafted sentence to deliver an impactful message

Every leader, manager and specialist share some common challenges: a) communicating a vision, strategy or idea with clarity and impact, and b) influencing and motivating management teams, peers, business clients and customers to take action.  But, even when armed with meticulously crafted scripts, unless they understand and apply the principles of persuasion, it’s likely that their message will fall flat.

Fortunately, communicating persuasively can be learnt and mastered.

The Persuasive Power program develops participants’ persuasive communication skills for greater impact. Working with powerful techniques and processes, participants will develop new levels of persuasive communication skills to deliver their message with confidence and results.


2 days


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Who this program is for

Leaders, managers and sales specialists who regularly communicate with key stakeholders with the aim of winning hearts, minds and businesses, and motivating people to act.

This program can be delivered for up to 12  participants.

What to expect on this program

In this engaging and practical program, participants learn key skills and competencies such as:

  • The elements of persuasion
  • Creating a clear focus
  • Using persuasive language
  • Leveraging their natural speaking style
  • Identifying their persuasive strengths
  • Influencing with power words

Learning outcomes

Through case studies and experiential activities, participants will work with the elements of persuasion, drawing on their management strengths and identifying their natural persuasive style.

Participants will take away new and unique ways to deliver their message with impact and be inspired to continue their development as persuasive communicators.

How participants learn

This program is delivered over two days by a qualified TNM coach.

Delivery includes:

  • Pre-work: participants are given brief pre-work questions and are required to identify the idea or material they want to use as the basis for a presentation during the program
  • A workshop manual: this is provided onsite for the completion of exercises, reflections and notes
  • Two days of face-to-face training
  • Post-program pack: participants will receive a pack of activities and resources to reinforce and extend learning

Participants will benefit from

  • Fun, relaxed and interactive sessions that go beyond standard professional development programs
  • Highly experienced trainers with decades of leadership and coaching experience in an industry relevant to them
  • A holistic approach that develops their mind, soul and spirit
  • Learning that fits within a tailored development program

Next Steps

With greater persuasive communication power, your people will be capable of incredible results. Book your FREE discovery call with a TNM Lead Trainer today to find out more about this program and book your places.


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