Personal Impact Coaching for Executive Presence

Communicate with confidence, influence and presence

Coaching senior executives to communicate for leadership and personal impact

  • Are your leaders struggling to command the attention of a room and speak persuasively?
  • Can they share their ideas and opinions with grace and empathy?
  • Have they got the right balance between talking and listening?

For leaders to truly inspire their people into action, they need to have a strong executive presence, exceptional communication skills and the ability to authentically express empathy. These attributes don’t always come naturally but can be developed with the help of an experienced coach.

This program coaches senior executives to develop their executive presence, exploit the art of positive influence and communicate confidence and concern for others, whether they’re customers, employees or other stakeholders.


Coaching sessions spread over 6 months

Face-to-face or virtual

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Who this program is for

This coaching program is designed for senior leaders who need guidance on being effective communicators, and who want to improve their executive presence to inspire and engage people in large groups and forums, or in small group or one-to-one situations.

What to expect on this program

During the course of several one-to-one coaching sessions, participants will uncover their authentic communication style and learn how to apply it to:

  • positively influence customers, colleagues and direct reports to get the desired outcomes in a way that everyone feels valued and respected.
  • present ideas in a more compelling and confident manner.
  • handle difficult or sensitive topics effectively (e.g., customer meetings, financial presentations, major speeches, team interactions) without nerves.
  • develop their leadership presence when negotiating with different cultures and personalities.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the coaching program, leaders will:

  • Know their current communication style and how others may perceive their behaviours
  • Have identified and eliminated weak spots and limiting behaviours holding them back
  • Understand how the perception of personal power can be communicated to others to influence decisions and agendas
  • Have an advantage in knowing how to use competence and likeability as the key to creating productive partnerships
  • Be more aware of the non-verbal signals others are sending so they can adapt their style and message to move the relationship into partnership mode
  • Present with ease while managing Q&A with confidence and elegance
  • Know how to make positive first impressions and set the tone for successful relationships
  • Know how to use dynamic and persuasive presenting techniques like body language, voice, and gestures to build rapport and communicate instant credibility
  • Develop an informal, fluid, relaxed and fun style
  • Know how to integrate compassionate communication (based on the techniques of Nonviolent Communication) into their day-to-day communication

How participants learn

Before the first coaching session, the client and the coach will co-determine a set of stakeholders with whom the coach can conduct a short 360° interview. The goal of the interview is to bridge the gap between the participant’s and others’ perceptions.

The coach then works with the client to:

  • look, act and sound like the leader they are for instant likeability and credibility;
  • focus on using their charisma and presence for impact and not perfection;
  • find an authentic, credible and compelling personal style minus any potentially abrasive behaviuors; and
  • become more audience-focused, message-driven and action-oriented.

Participants will benefit from

  • Fun, relaxed and interactive sessions that go beyond standard training and coaching programs
  • Highly experienced trainers with decades of coaching experience
  • Learning that fits within a tailored development program
  • A holistic approach that develops their mind, spirit and soul

Next Steps

Give your leaders the best opportunity to maximise their executive presence, influence and impact. Book your FREE discovery call with a TNM Lead Trainer today to find out more about this program and book your places.


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