Lifepreneur with Bikundo Onyari

Your map to a successful and extraordinary life.

Take a leaf out of a business book with a plan that removes the barriers standing between you and a successful life.

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6 x 90-minute sessions

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About this class

The program is designed to develop people who want to intentionally create outstanding personal and professional lives by helping them identify barriers that hinder their success.

Once we know how to take care of the self-enterprise (ourselves) we open the way to a successful and extraordinary journey in everything we do now, and wish to undertake in the future, and can begin creating a positive personal legacy.

The Lifepreneur program with Bikundo Onyari combines both digital learning and online group sessions with practical workouts, reflections and peer support to help you identify and achieve meaningful goals.

Why should I attend?

So many of us spend each day working like a machine or floating like a feather that follows the wind, wondering if there’s more to life.

You might be asking: Am I meant to function this way? How do I move from survival to significance? How can I make a positive impact for myself and others?

It all comes down to applying a few business principles to your own life: knowing your ‘why’, setting goals and having a solid plan.

If you’re ready to go from just surviving to thriving – this course is for you. You’ll go from aimless to ambitious, following a personal map that not only inspires you but leads you to the achievement of your greatest goals.


What will I learn?

Over the course of six sessions, your Lifepreneur facilitator will help you:

  • identify your “Big Why”;
  • connect with your key values;
  • clarify your ultimate goal for the next year; and
  • develop a map that inspires you to act.
  • Session 1
    Introduction to LifePreneurship and Core Identity

    We’ll get to grips with two key terms: Lifepreneur and Lifepreneurship. We’ll then explore our authentic essence and answer the old-aged question: who am I?

  • Session 2
    Strengths and Skills

    You’ll explore your strengths and skills and how they show up in your life.

  • Session 3
    MAD Purpose

    This session is a journey to uncover your purpose and mission statement and make a choice between aligning it with your personal or professional life.

  • Session 4

    This week you’ll identify the barriers that push you away or distract you from your mission.

  • Session 5
    Support System

    You’ll learn how to build a support system that enables us to achieve our mission. This starts with assessing our current support structures and their benefits.

  • Session 6
    Call to Action

    In this last session, you’ll give breath to our main goal and identify what you need to start doing – and what you need to stop doing – to achieve it.

Your teacher

Bikundo Onyari is an accomplished personal and professional development practitioner and is passionate about teaching high-impact Lifepreneurs how to defy the impossible in their personal and professional lives to produce immediate, unprecedented and lasting results.

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