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An eight-week online course to remove the blocks standing in your way and create a clear path for a blissful, well-balanced life.

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About this class

Feeling constantly anxious and stressed, like the whole world is on your shoulders? 

Life’s a mess. You feel tired, vulnerable and frustrated at yourself.

You’ve tried yoga, spiritualism, meditation, self-help books and retreats. They make you feel great for a week, then you’re back to square one.

Why? Because you are avoiding what actually makes a fundamental difference to your well-being: dealing with the boring, awkward, and downright hard stuff you’ve hidden under your sacred carpet hoping never to see again.

You heard right. Living a calmer existence as the best version of yourself isn’t about how spiritual you are, it’s how willing you are to show up every day, be present and do all those little things in front of you.

When you know how taking control of your life is totally achievable.

This online course will take you on a down-to-earth deep dive into the hidden corners of your life to find everything that’s holding you back, then guide you through practical tasks to clear it away.

Once we’ve got them out in the open and down on paper, you’ll learn how to build healthy habits, set boundaries, and use effective communication skills to create a clear foundation for calmer existence with way more fun, and way more time.

It’s the kind but firm dose of reality that you really need, but on the surface might don’t necessarily want.

If emails, money issues, work, social media, awkward conversations and life admin just feel like too much right now, this is for you.

Why should I attend?

In eight simple sessions, Life Unleashed will help you with:

  • Gaining clarity about what’s holding you back in life

    You’ll come face to face with your energy blocks – the life admin, over-stuffed closets, bad habits, unanswered messages, uncomfortable relationships, and over-committed days getting in your way – and see, on paper, exactly what you need to repair, action or remove.

  • Identifying and setting healthy boundaries

    Setting healthy boundaries is an act of self-love and is the key to unstucking your life and keeping it that way. By getting uncomfortably honest with yourself, you’ll create new boundaries for all aspects of your life:  physical, mental, emotional, financial, sexual, relationship, spiritual and energetic.

  • Saying no with love to yourself and others

    You’ll learn to how to communicate your boundaries and desires to reduce the amount of unnecessary ‘stuff’, commitments and relationships in your life that cause you to feel overwhelmed, depleted and unhappy. This is a game changer!

  • Adulting (life) skills to get organised and stay that way

    Ignoring things doesn’t make them go away. You’ll learn how to use spreadsheets, visual representations and lists the right way to clear the mess of tasks in your head and stay on top of it for good. Unanswered messages? Done. Finances? Sorted. Schedules? Set.

  • Swapping unhelpful behaviours for radical personal responsibility and integrity

    It’s a hard truth, but you’ll see how you’re living the results of bad decisions. You’ll be inspired to show up for yourself and take responsibility for your undesirable actions so there’s no room for them in the future.

  • Dealing with awkward and toxic relationships

    You’ll see how using the right, compassionate, language in awkward moments can free you from regrets and unfinished conversations. This will help you resolve lingering issues and keep your most meaningful relationships strong and healthy.

What will I learn?

Each week of the Life Unleashed course, you’ll work on an area of your life that needs a big tidy-up through self-reflection, practical exercises and meditation. You’ll deal with the uncomfortable, awkward things that are giving you a stressed nervous system and creating chaos in your life.

You’ll then take real actions after each session that bring you one step closer to living a joyful life with integrity and a calm nervous system.

  • Week 1
    Brain dump

    We start by getting everything standing in your way – projects, finances, personal projects, relationships and self-goals – out of your head and onto a spreadsheet.

    This session is about expressing every bit of tension you might be holding energetically and physically and laying it out clearly so that you can see – visually – what’s on your mind.

    You’ll then start hacking away anything that’s not important and prioritising each area, turning your sheet into a list of micro-actions you can start to resolve.

    By organising your thoughts, fears, hang-ups, wishes and dreams you’ll feel like you’ve made serious inroads towards banishing your overwhelm.

  • Week 2

    In this session you’ll explore the four types of boundaries – zero, messy, hard and brilliant – and where they crop up in life.

    We go deep into where your boundaries do and don’t exist in your life and relationships. We look for patterns and solutions from the awkward f**k ups you’d like to forget and write down a list of new boundaries that serve you. You’ll then reflect on your relationships and circumstances and evaluate how these apply.

    You’ll finish with a clear – and honest – idea of where your boundaries sit, how they’re affecting your available time and energy and know how to set new ones properly and say no with love.

  • Week 3
    Closing the loop with communication

    We look at how to use language to communicate how you really feel and what you want to experience in life from a place that’s true and safe.

    This session is all about closing the loop on unresolved issues with people in our live to move through them in a healthy way. You’ll explore the concepts of true vs truth so that you can accurately reflect on how each scenario came to be and your role in the stickiness that has ensued. Then you’ll look at the five steps of authentic communication so that you can support yourself to instigate and participate in the awkward conversations required to resolve them.

    You’ll leave this session clear about how to arrange a conversation to clear the air, knowing how to guide that conversation in a way that honours the self and the other.

  • Week 4
    Breath week (and doing nothing)

    Explore how to do nothing.

    Sounds easy right? Yeah, it’s not. Sitting still and doing nothing when you have emotions swirling, notifications pinging and a million things on your mind isn’t easy.

    You’ll reflect on any resistance you might have to switching off and going within.

    The aim is to find an appreciation of the stillness within you, and an understanding of the true value of rest to re-charge, find perspective and clarity.

    If you have not done so before, it is also time to book your group live call with Nat! There will be a guided meditation and Q&A.

  • Week 5

    It’s time to get real about those bills, debts and uncomfortable chats about who owes what to find out why your money and your desires don’t match.

    With the help of a handy template, Nat will support you to create a monthly cashflow sheet so you can get a clear view of your monthly outgoings, evaluate your spending and cancel anything that’s not necessary.

    We’ll explore the connection between money, safety and shame and see why taking action with finances and embracing our feelings about money can open up the flow of energy towards a life of abundance.

    You’ll leave this session feeling like you’re on top of your finances and aware of your real financial needs. And you’ll have saved yourself a small fortune in the process.

  • Week 6

    Routines can be healthy, and they can support us to find balance between self-care, human connection, joy and work; the freedom within the discipline, as it were.

    This week, you’ll honestly assess your needs to create a weekly schedule that gives you enough time to honour your work, relationship, development and self-care commitments. As well as making time for passion projects and the interests that bring you fulfilment.

    By the end of this session, you’ll have a handle on which parts of your life are nourishing you and which commitments that aren’t serving you. You’ll leave with a bespoke schedule for your DREAM WEEK so you can start living your dream life straight away.

  • Week 7
    Digital Wellbeing

    This week we tackle your harmful social media habits and email nightmares head on.

    Our devices are constantly vying for our attention, and it takes proactive management on our part to set our digital world up to support, rather than overwhelm us. In this session, Nat shares her favourite tech hacks to support you to:

    • Evaluate your screen time and understand which apps are hogging your attention
    • Clear, clean and filter your inbox, no matter which email provider you’re with
    • Evaluate and dial-down which app notifications you allow into your life
    • Thoroughly cleanse the apps and social media profiles you no longer need
    • Get ready for a digital detox that will leave you with a quieter, less intrusive and more positive relationship with your phone
  • Week 8

    This final session is an opportunity to use self-reflection and journaling to take stock of your progress and identify the areas you need to develop next.

    True freedom requires integrity, and integrity requires honesty. You’ll be asked to be radically honest with yourself about whether you did the course to your best ability and showed complete personal responsibility for your life.

    You’ll now know what you need to do next to support your own sovereignty. You’ll feel equipped to continue your journey to show up for yourself and others so they can do the same for you.


What’s included
in the 8-week course

You can start the Life Unleashed course anytime. Once you’ve begun, a new lesson will be unlocked each week for you to complete.

Because we’re human and forget things, or need the occasional nudge, you’ll have lifetime access to the teaching materials below.

Teaching materials

You’ll be guided through the course with

  • Eight videos that you can revisit whenever you need
  • An 85-page workbook with practical guidance and space for self-reflection and journaling


  • An empowering morning meditation to help you start the day right
  • A soothing evening meditation to give you time for self-reflection

Your teacher

Nat Rich is a serial entrepreneur, responsibility coach and Founder, and Creative Director of I AM Sound Academy.

After a particularly low period in her life, Nat stopped and examined her addictions to drugs, sex, porn, alcohol, love, social media, and attention-seeking, learning that they existed because she was avoiding both herself and her emotions at every opportunity.

Nat realised that to be happier and more successful in life, she had to “grow up” and take radical personal responsibility for the reality she was creating. That included the good, the bad, and all the awkward stuff she had tried to sweep under the carpet.

Nat now lives an honest and sober life, guiding her days with both integrity and faith at the core of all she does. Knowing that her word, her vibe, and her responses to life create her reality, Nat has learned to choose wisely.

Since then, she has been on a mission to help others by being radically honest and open about her personal struggles. Through her responsibility coaching, Nat helps everyone from high-profile DJs and their tour managers to freelancers, employees and CEOs tune in with their vibration, own their awkwardness, discover what they’re avoiding and set important boundaries to help them get the most out of life and relationships.

As a voice artist, motivational speaker and prolific panellist, Nat bravely broaches a variety of subjects including lifestyle, social media, self-awareness, sustainability, spirituality, entrepreneurship, relationships and sobriety.

She’s been featured in Stylist, Closer, TimeOut, Metro, Heat, Balance Magazine, Dose Magazine, Conde Nast Traveller and Men’s Health among others and is a regular speaker at several major universities and festivals throughout the UK.

“It’s not about how much you have completed in one day, it’s about how good you feel after doing it that counts.  Looking forward to seeing you face your reality.”
– Nat Rich

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