Leading for Innovation

Creating a culture that will uncover your organisation’s next big idea

Supporting leaders to encourage innovation for a competitive edge

What is your organisation’s next Big Idea? How will you make it happen?

Despite being a much-needed skill in a highly competitive and volatile business environment, companies often struggle to release the innovative potential of their people.

The Leading for Innovation program uses a combination of theory, case studies, and experiential sessions to explore the process of turning creativity (generating ideas) into innovation (making those ideas into new processes, products or services).

This program uses the most recent research into creativity and innovation to help participants identify their management strengths and natural creative styles. They’ll take away new and powerful ways to approach challenges plus ideas to inspire their teams to develop innovative solutions


2 days


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Who this program is for

This program is ideal for leaders of all levels who guide teams tasked with creating, developing and executing programs, products or services that drive their organisation’s success.

What to expect on this program

Through activities that explore the processes and theory behind innovation and creativity, participants will learn how to:

  • think in lateral ways;
  • leverage abstract thinking;
  • use the intersection technique;
  • facilitate inventive problem-solving;
  • identify their, and others, innovative strengths;
  • develop team creativity; and
  • create exceptional results from ideas.


Learning outcomes

The Leading for Innovation program is designed to help participants discover and develop new and unique ways to tap into their creative potential and processes and enhance and develop the creativity of their teams.

How participants learn

Participants will receive a preparation pack with some brief pre-workshop exploration questions and will be asked to identify the issues and challenges they want to work on during the program.

Face-to-face workshop
Guided by one of TNM’s experienced facilitators, participants will engage in knowledge sharing, case studies and practice activities.

Following this program, participants will be sent an additional packet of materials with activities and additional resources that will further embed the learning from the workshop.

Participants will benefit from

  • Fun, relaxed and interactive sessions that go beyond standard leadership and coaching programs
  • Highly experienced trainers with decades of leadership and coaching experience in an industry relevant to them
  • A global perspective on leadership and business transformation
  • A holistic approach that develops their mind, spirit and soul

Next Steps

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