Leadership Transition: Leading Leaders

Leadership development for the next stage of their leadership career

Taking leadership skills up a level to inspire other leaders

To ensure a steady supply of leaders with the right skills in the right positions, knowledge-driven organisations need to develop a full leadership pipeline. Leadership Transition Programs, like those offered by TNM Business, support organisations to create this pipeline using a concept based on the model by HR advisor Walt Mahler, a designer of the succession process at General Electric. The concept teaches specific skills and mindsets needed at six different ‘passages’ or ‘transitions of leadership’.

After offering development and training for new leaders in their first passage, companies often ignore the second passage where people move from leading others to leading leaders. This passage is critical to future success, not just for the leader themselves, but for the organisation and their leadership pipeline.

The third passage is that of becoming a functional manager who reports to multifunctional general managers which requires a broader perspective of the organisation and the ability to consider other functional concerns.

TNM Business’ Leadership Transition: Leading Leaders program covers the second and third passages of leadership. It teaches participants specific key leadership concepts – work values, time application and leadership skills – to prepare them for success in their new role as guides and coaches of other leaders.

*This program complements our Leadership Transition: Leading Others program which focuses on the first stage of leadership.


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Who this program is for

This program has been designed specifically for people who are already in leadership roles and who are progressing in their career to department head or director-level. They should have a minimum of three managers of others reporting to them.

The program can be delivered for up to 20 participants.

What to expect on this program

Making a successful step up from leading others to leading the managers of others requires both a change in mindset and a new suite of leadership skills, so the program modules and teaching aims to develop both.

This program is based on high impact learning principles and integrates the participants’ real-life situation into the program. This is done to such an extent that participants often feel that being at the program is like being at their job.

Learning outcomes

The Leadership Transition: Leading Leaders program is designed to:

  • Inspire leaders to lead at the right level for their role.
  • Teach them the right mindset for a successful transition to leading the leaders of others.
  • Give leaders the best chance of success from day one, by equipping them with the organisation, communication and coaching skills they need.
  • Facilitate a free flow of qualified leaders to fill the leadership pipeline.
  • Create an empowered and engaged organisation led by confident, skilled people.

How participants will learn

Leading Leaders facilitates insightful and action-based learning through short presentations, showcases, interactive workshops and breakout exercises, as well as personal and group reflection.

Individual and group insight is encouraged through meaningful feedback from facilitators, and, as far as possible, by tailoring case studies and breakout exercises to the daily realities of participants. This learning approach develops self-awareness for teams and individuals, provides opportunities to practice new skills, and increases participants’ self-confidence.

Participants will benefit from

  • Fun, relaxed and interactive sessions that go beyond standard professional development programs
  • Highly experienced trainers with decades of leadership experience
  • A holistic approach that develops their mind, soul and spirit
  • Support from other participants at the same stage of leadership development
  • Learning that fits within a tailored Leadership Transition program that spans their whole career

Next Steps

Build your leadership pipeline with leaders capable and confident of inspiring and guiding other leaders.

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