Intuition in Action with Stephen Rappaport

Foster deeper trust in your impulses, ideas and instincts for profound results

Six intimate workshops that help you listen to your intuition, trust your gut and get out of your own way to free your innate creativity.

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2 x 90-minute sessions per week for 3 weeks

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About this class

Fascinating and challenging, and most of all FUN, the Intuition in Action program is about connection, engagement, listening, and making stuff out of the rich, fertile “nothing” we are all fully endowed with.

This program aims to help you build a deeper trust in your powerful impulses, ideas, and instincts – essentially, in your innate creativity. It is an ongoing process, the foundation of which was formed primarily through Stephen’s experience as an actor, director and playwright, but also through other creative processes he uses like singing, composing music and painting.

At the beginning of each workshop, the space is defined as a place of research, where nothing needs to be done well so that the need to be “good” doesn’t impede your creativity.

The workshop becomes a framework for the unravelling of an imaginal choice that leads to the in-depth research and development of characters and stories. You are encouraged to allow, acknowledge and accept the presentation of material that comes up and out of the unknown. And most of all, listen to and act on your intuition.

Let’s journey to the other side…

Why should I attend?

The effects of this program are far-reaching.

You will develop your skills in communication, presentation, conflict resolution and diversity. You will also unlock your creativity and learn how to listen to and trust your intuition for greater clarity, satisfaction and purpose in life.

If you’re feeling stuck, challenged, indecisive and unsatisfied, this is the class for you.

This exclusive class is limited to six participants – book a free 10-minute call with Stephen to see if it’s right for you.


What will I learn?

The major tool Stephen offers is what he calls The Third Thing. It is what Winnicott refers to as the ‘Potential Space’, what Rumi calls ‘The Field’ and ‘The Electricity’ and what Buber calls God. It is where life perpetuates itself. It is the only place where the desired unravelling can occur. Play cannot exist without it.

As the first workshop begins you’ll perform simple exercises to reinforce your awareness of The Third Thing and use these experiences as reference points for the rest of the program which steadily grows in its level of challenge over three weeks.

Some pre-course homework is given, primarily in the form of writing exercises.

This program is physical and fun! You’ll need a quiet and private space to work where you can feel uninhibited as there will be movement and potential moments of high volume.

Your teacher

As a working actor, writer, director, singer, songwriter, ceramicist and painter, Stephen has experienced the profound and invigorating value of slipping into the creative zone. He acquired the ability to guide others toward the deep satisfaction of disengaging from their own ruthless critic, and to fully engage in the invaluable material they have at their fingertips. He creates a very safe place to do unsafe things. Stephen has delivered this workshop for students and executives, in universities and corporations around the world.

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