Integrative Team Coaching

Using coaching to harness your team’s collective intelligence and potential

Teams who learn and understand together, succeed together

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.
African Proverb

Teams of people run the world, yet often they are teams in name only: they’re simply groups of people performing tasks aimed at achieving a common goal.

In a competitive, fast-moving marketplace, high-pressure environment or government department, doing a job isn’t enough to be successful in the long term: teams need to learn the best way to work together and to understand, support and leverage each individual’s strengths for the collective good.

Research by top scholars and decades of international business experience has mad it clear to us that intervening at the team level can produce sustainable outcomes and performance that transcends baseline KPIs and objectives.

Integrative Team Coaching has been designed by team coaches who work with world-class leaders and teams, including the world’s most valuable e-commerce company and the largest social network.

The curriculum is the culmination of several team coaching models and evidence of their application in thousands of teams. It unlocks a group’s potential and enhances collective intelligence by focusing on the team member’s ability to learn and adapt systemically to their environment and to each other.


12 Hours

Virtual group sessions

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Who this program is for

This program is aimed at team coaches, leaders and team members wanting to learn to work together to move beyond their daily struggles and get into action for better outcomes. Advanced levels of coaching leadership move teams to communicate and collaborate in sustainable ways.

What to expect on this program

In Integrative Team Coaching, participants are introduced to the main team coaching models and their practical integration and application in daily business. The curriculum uses findings from research conducted over the last few decades into the workings of thousands of high-, and not-so-high-performing teams in a multitude of industries.

Participants engage in interactive activities that explore an integrative coaching process based on the main team coaching models, allowing them to experience how they can successfully be used together.

In each session, we explore two themes:

Session 1
Types of Teams
Team Norms

Session 2
Dysfunctions of Teams
Psychological Safety

Session 3
Systematic Team Coaching
Leader as Team Coach

Session 4
Team of Teams

Session 5
Learning to Team
Teaming to Learn

Session 6
Team Assessments

Session 7
Lean Agile

Session 8
Checking Out

TNM’s facilitators can customise this program with a variation on the above to meet the specific needs of the team or organisation.

Modules can also be delivered as stand-alone workshops.

Learning outcomes

The objective of the Integrative Team Coaching program is to equip team coaches, team leaders and team members with an integrative and agile understanding of the nature of team coaching processes and models.

Through this program, participants learn to work together to move beyond their daily struggles and align their actions for better outcomes using advanced levels of coaching. This moves teams to communicate and collaborate in sustainable ways that go well beyond standard team-building events.

How participants learn

This program uses a coaching approach to take a leader and their team through an eight-session process of development tied to a real, meaningful business goal.

It is delivered via eight 90-minute virtual group sessions with a recommended program of three individual 60-minute coaching sessions.

Participants will benefit from

  • Social learning and peer support
  • Coach facilitation throughout
  • Real-life business cases
  • A curated collection of digital resources to inform and inspire
  • Individual coaching
  • Action planning for immediate application and fast impact

Next Steps

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