Group Coaching in the Workplace

Coaching that draws on group experience for profound individual growth.

A potent combination of collective wisdom, support and experience

Group coaching is a powerful and cost-effective way of developing performance. It is a just-in-time solution where participants rapidly share their individual, team, and organisational best practices for mutual benefit to solve a challenge or meet a development goal.

In our experience, group coaching facilitates deep, profound learning as individuals benefit from the combined wisdom of each other and their coach. The collective genius in play can represent decades of professional and personal experience.

Crucially, this style of coaching creates fundamental, sustainable change in people’s professional and personal effectiveness, and develops untapped individual potential while retaining valuable talents and knowledge within the organisation.


3 Months

Virtual or face-to-face

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Who this program is for

We recommend group coaching for:

  • Intact groups, typically at a senior or executive level. Group coaching creates alignment between individuals and the team or organisation’s goals, enhances collective proactivity and promotes understanding of individual strengths and accountabilities.
  • Groups of individuals who are facing similar challenges or who have similar development goals.

To get the full benefit of group coaching we recommend group sizes of between five and ten participants.

What to expect on this program

Group coaching enables individuals to share their goals, draw on each other’s expertise and different perspectives, make powerful choices, and take affirmative actions while being supported by the group and the coach. The combination of coaching techniques, feedback and brainstorming practices enhances the group’s wisdom and cooperation.

Spread over the course of three months, the group coaching sessions are designed to be fun and relaxed to create an atmosphere of support and success. We often find that formal and informal networks are created which continue outside of the sessions and create an ongoing support network.

Our coaches use their objectivity and exceptional listening and analytical skills to redirect or reinforce individual expectations and initiatives. The in-depth discussions that occur during the group coaching sessions lead to plans for action and can be augmented with additional 1:1 coaching prior to and following critical meetings or presentations.

Having worked with clients on over 200 different types of goals, problems, and situations, our coaches are highly adept at developing a program that meets your group’s needs.

Learning outcomes

Throughout a series of either four or six group coaching sessions, participants:

  • learn how to use a coaching mindset and coaching skills to bring out the best in themselves and others, which can then be applied with their teams.
  • develop tools for understanding and tapping into others’ intrinsic motivation, directing through questioning, and allowing people to take responsibility for their own performance.
  • develop their capacity to listen and learn from others. The shared knowledge and bonding skills are very powerful; groups and coaches can provide different perspectives and new paradigms.
  • strengthen their relationships with others in the group, which is of particular benefit for intact teams.
  • find inspiration and motivation. Participants say they come away from each session feeling energised, connected to a community, and ready to take action.

How participants learn

When the need for group coaching is brought to TNM, we work with the sponsor to establish a framework that addresses the focus of the group coaching and the make-up of the group. We then identify a suitable coach and introduce them to the group. Members of the group are also provided with a guide so that they know what to expect from group coaching.

A variety of different processes may be used within each coaching session, depending on whether the coach is working with an intact team or a group of individuals. However, group coaching typically follows the process below:

Phase 1: Alignment
A team launch helps the group get clear on their purpose, objectives and goals, and how they will work together to achieve these. This upfront diagnostic information is used to help the group determine where the work needs to start. The coach will employ several coaching methodologies and models to support the work involved. The result of this launch is a clear and agreed group charter.

Phase 2: Development
At the end of the team launch the group commits to a series of development coaching sessions. These sessions last between two and three hours and focus on a goal set by the team that relates to the objectives stated in the Align phase.

Additionally, the group can use the time to work on the group’s process to challenge the efficacy of stated norms. The intent is clear to affect transformational change.

Phase 3: Delivery
Following the development coaching sessions, the coach will work with the group to assess what has changed and what needs to be communicated to stakeholders. We’ll facilitate a discussion and review of the work conducted between us including milestones and new processes. This time can be used to determine what has been learned and what still needs refining. Often a new narrative is communicated back to the organisation.

Format and packages
We recommend a package of six group coaching sessions to give each person the opportunity to express themselves. We find that the willingness to trust and supportively challenge each other grows as the sessions progress, enabling a greater impact than a one-off occasion.

Group coaching sessions can be run virtually or face-to-face and we recommend a minimum duration of 90 minutes.

Package 1 Group Coaching – Virtual
6 x 90-minute virtual coaching sessions Duration:
3 months; 2 sessions per month
Total Hours: 9

Package 2 Group Coaching – Face-to-Face (F2F)
4 x 2-hour F2F coaching session
Duration: 3 months; 1-2 sessions per month
Total Hours: 8

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Participants will benefit from

  • Fun, relaxed and interactive sessions that go beyond standard training and coaching programs
  • Highly experienced ICF-accredited trainers with decades of coaching experience
  • Learning that fits within a tailored development program
  • A holistic approach that develops their mind, spirit and soul

Next Steps

Take advantage of the collective wisdom in your organisation with group coaching.

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