Facilitation Skills 101

Master the highest levels of professional facilitation skills

Facilitation skills and presentation techniques that maximise engagement and connection.

The Facilitation Skills 101 program takes participants out of their comfort zones by asking them to confront their greatest individual challenges when it comes to communicating with groups of people, whether they’re small workshops or large audiences. Not only will their presentation and communication skills become stronger, but so will their ability to improvise when working with an audience.

Being able to facilitate at the highest professional level requires both practical training and theoretical learning. To ensure participants are well prepared to facilitate as soon as they leave, this program is 30% theoretical and 70% practical training with opportunities for detailed personal feedback and a recording on DVD if required.


2 Days


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Who this program is for

This program has been designed for leaders, coaches, professional trainers and senior executives who are regularly required to present to and facilitate large and small groups.

It is ideal for high-profile leaders who are increasingly being asked to present at conferences, seminars, and workshops, or facilitate panel discussions.

What to expect on this program

This face-to-face program covers a broad base of theoretical concepts around facilitation combined with practice sessions and reflections.

It has been designed to increase participant’s confidence in their ability to present to and facilitate groups of any size, comfortable in the knowledge that they can handle the unexpected.

Program outline

Role of the facilitator

  • Definition of facilitation
  • Role of facilitator versus leader
  • Small group exercise, group discussion and a short presentation

Facilitation styles

  • Stages of group development
  • Styles of facilitation
  • Adapting facilitation style to maturity of group
  • Personal facilitation style
  • Small group ‘styles of facilitation’ exercise, group discussion and review of individual facilitation styles questionnaire

Facilitation skills and interventions

  • Key facilitation skills and techniques
  • Types of facilitator interventions
  • Using questions to manage meeting behaviour and contributions
  • Meta-planning group exercise, pairs exercise and practice meeting with group learning review

Group working techniques

  • Identifying when to use different group working techniques
  • Small group exercise and group learning review

Practice sessions – preparation

  • Selecting a group working method to practice
  • Facilitator brief, small group preparation

Practice sessions

  • Small group facilitation demonstration of selected group working method
  • Participant feedback
  • Practice session with group feedback and learning review

Reviewing the learning and next steps

  • Action planning and course feedback

Learning outcomes

By completing the Facilitation Skills 101 workshop, participants feel confident in their ability to:

  • Align their facilitation style with the audience’s “Why”
  • Ensure their messages have maximum impact
  • Use and understand non-verbal communication more effectively
  • Impart points with the greatest possible force
  • Master any sense of nervousness and convert it into focus and presence
  • Be mentally prepared for the unexpected and harness the ability to grab the present and use it proactively as a resource
  • Involve and engage the audience in the reflective space
  • View material from a sharp, applicable and often unexpected angle
  • Make presentations as relevant, interesting and precise as possible

How participants learn

This program is delivered face-to-face with a small group of up to 10 participants to give participants plenty of opportunities to practice, reflect and share with their peers and receive actionable feedback.

Participant’s learning is supported with Facilitation courses will be supported with:

  • An optional participant pre-course questionnaire
  • Pre-course reading on group facilitation skills
  • An electronic pre-course participant facilitation styles questionnaire
  • A printed workbook with tips, techniques and space for personal notes
  • A template for presentation preparation.

Participants will need to prepare a short presentation with a maximum length of 10 minutes for the course without the use of a PowerPoint presentation.

Participants will benefit from

  • Fun, relaxed and interactive sessions that go beyond standard professional development programs
  • Highly experienced trainers with decades of leadership and coaching experience
  • Social learning and support from other participants
  • Learning that fits within a tailored development program

Next Steps

Take advantage of the collective wisdom in your organisation with group coaching.

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