Effective Mentoring Skills for Sustainable change

Mentoring = experience and talent in action

Mentoring and communication methods that inspire, challenge and educate

A team of trained and motivated mentors can deliver an incredible host of benefits to your organisation, including:

  • A channel to help you identify talent and develop emerging leaders
  • A mode of professional development that can help you retain top talent
  • Greater engagement and morale for both mentors and mentees
  • More successful change management programs
  • A pathway to clear succession planning
  • Longer-term mentoring relationships for sustainable results
  • A time and money-saving way to provide professional mentoring within your organisation

The Effective Mentoring Skills for Sustainable Change program has been developed by Coach-To-Transformation to help HR professionals, executives, and leaders learn and refine the skills needed for mentoring so they can bring these benefits to life.

This structured program addresses the deeper realities behind avoiding performance conversations and mentoring. It enables participants to discover different mentoring approaches, practice the essential competencies of mentoring, develop their unique mentoring style, and become aware of the challenges and pitfalls to avoid.


2 Days

Virtual, face-to-face or blended learning

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Who this program is for

The Effective Mentoring Skills for Sustainable Change program is for HR professionals, executives and leaders, regardless of function, who want to learn mentoring skills to support their talent.

What to expect on this program

During the two-day, interactive program participants will learn the latest mentoring techniques and tools through direct teaching and engaging in dynamic exercises.

Participants will also receive follow-ups and support to promote sustainable results.

Because every organisation’s mentoring needs are different, our facilitators are happy to customise this program to meet your needs.

Learning outcomes

In addition to the technical skills, methodologies and mindset required for mentoring, participants will leave confident in their ability to hold engaging, enlightening and productive conversations with their mentees.

Your new mentors will find great satisfaction in sharing their expertise with others and feel re-energised in their careers as they empower talent within your organisation. Most of all, your mentees benefit from professional mentoring from people they know and trust.

How participants learn

This program involves deep work with managers via virtual sessions and independent study.

Our experienced ICF-accredited coaches teach participants a structured approach to mentoring using a highly effective learning model. They also offer close supervision and feedback during practice sessions.

Participants will benefit from

  • Fun, relaxed and interactive sessions that go beyond standard training and coaching programs
  • Highly experienced ICF-accredited trainers with decades of coaching experience
  • Learning that fits within a tailored development program
  • A holistic approach that develops their mind, spirit and soul

Next Steps

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