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About this class

A lot of things cause us stress, discomfort, overwhelm, anxiety or dissatisfaction, but they can’t always be seen, just felt. And the longer we close our eyes to what’s causing these feelings, the worse it gets.

Being present, facing reality head-on (we call it serious adulting) and dealing with everything that comes into your life without hiding or pretending it’s not there is the quickest way to ditch those feelings.

This short 40-minute masterclass gives you a breathing exercise to calm your nervous system, a real way to see what’s causing your problems (the energy blocks you’re carrying around), and a plan for clearing them out of the way so you can let wonderful things in.

It’s practical, fun and eye-opening. And best of all – you’ll finish the class feeling relieved and more in control of your life.

Why should I attend?

This is a masterclass for anyone who wants to trade overwhelm for clarity and freedom.

  • Do you look at other people and wonder how they live such calm lives?
  • Does the ping of your phone send you diving behind the sofa?
  • Do you dread getting out of bed in the morning because of all the mental and emotional stuff weighing you down?

Life admin. Messages. Bills. Work. Social commitments. Relationships. Physical things. There’s a lot of stuff hanging around in our lives, and when we let it add up, we can feel like the whole world is on top of us and we can’t breathe.

It’s only when we physically see the blocks we build up and ignore on a daily basis, invite them in, and clear them away, can we find the freedom to live the lives we’re meant for. It’s facing reality 101.

This can be uncomfortable, but if you make it a bit of fun (and we do!), finding this clarity can be easy.

If you’re sick of feeling stressed out, want to sort out the bullsh*t cluttering your mind, and are ready to take radical ownership of your life – this is the masterclass for you.


What will I learn?

In just 40 minutes, you’ll experience:

  • A short, guided breathwork that calms your nervous system to prepare you for facing up to reality.
  • A playful visual representation of your ‘to do’ list which helps you identify the financial, relationship and general work/life admin aspects of your life which are holding you back*.
  • A clear way to prioritise the areas you’d like to tackle first with a handy spreadsheet.
  • An understanding of how modern life is causing us to feel overwhelmed and depleting us all physically, energetically, and emotionally. P.S. You’re not alone!
  • A fun and non-intimidating way to take responsibility for yourself under the guidance of someone who’s been there, done that!

This masterclass gives you the simple techniques and gentle dose of reality you need to free yourself from feeling overwhelmed and create space for wonderful things in life to come to you.

You don’t have to do it perfectly – you just have to get started.

*A packet of Lego is recommended, but not essential.

Your teacher

Nat Rich is a serial entrepreneur, responsibility coach and Founder, and Creative Director of I AM Sound Academy.

After a particularly low period in her life, Nat stopped and examined her addictions to drugs, sex, porn, alcohol, love, social media, and attention-seeking, learning that they existed because she was avoiding both herself and her emotions at every opportunity.

Nat realised that to be happier and more successful in life, she had to “grow up” and take radical personal responsibility for the reality she was creating. That included the good, the bad, and all the awkward stuff she had tried to sweep under the carpet.

Nat now lives an honest and sober life, guiding her days with both integrity and faith at the core of all she does. Knowing that her word, her vibe, and her responses to life create her reality, Nat has learned to choose wisely.

Since then, she has been on a mission to help others by being radically honest and open about her personal struggles. Through her responsibility coaching, Nat helps everyone from high-profile DJs and their tour managers to freelancers, employees and CEOs tune in with their vibration, own their awkwardness, discover what they’re avoiding and set important boundaries to help them get the most out of life and relationships.

As a voice artist, motivational speaker and prolific panellist, Nat bravely broaches a variety of subjects including lifestyle, social media, self-awareness, sustainability, spirituality, entrepreneurship, relationships and sobriety.

She’s been featured in Stylist, Closer, TimeOut, Metro, Heat, Balance Magazine, Dose Magazine, Conde Nast Traveller and Men’s Health among others and is a regular speaker at several major universities and festivals throughout the UK.

“It’s not about how much you have completed in one day, it’s about how good you feel after doing it that counts.  Looking forward to seeing you face your reality.”
– Nat Rich

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