Coaching for Performance

Shift from managing to coaching for extraordinary results

The art of coaching for better performance, better results and empowered people

Far from a nice-to-have skillset, today’s most successful leaders and managers use coaching techniques daily to guide team members and colleagues to find creative solutions for themselves, enabling them to take greater ownership of their goals, tasks and results.

Coaching for Performance is a compact two-day leadership course that teaches coaching as a core communication and leadership skill. It uses the GROW coaching model, live case studies and examples that are specific and relevant to the participant’s business environment.

The result is a leader able to bring out the best in their team and colleagues so that they can work with greater productivity and motivation towards their organisation’s goals.


2 days


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Who this program is for

This program is the perfect introductory course to coaching for anyone who leads people and wants to learn how to coach performance in others.

The ideal group size for this program is between eight and 10 participants to ensure each person has the opportunity to participate in discussions, ask questions and practice coaching.

What to expect on this program

This program establishes a solid theoretical foundation for coaching, supported by practical exercises and the chance to apply learning to real-life scenarios.

The program encompasses:

Definition and distinctions of coaching: We cover key coaching distinctions to create a high standard of professional coaching within the organisation.

The impact of personality types in the coaching process: Coaching can only be effective when all parties involved understand their own and others’ personality types.

Core coaching skills: We cover the key coaching skills to integrate them as a new leadership and communication style. This includes coaching styles, listening, asking questions, relating, trust building, challenging, and using intuition.

GROW (Goals, Reality, Options and Will) coaching model: This model and the associated coaching skills and competencies enable participants to build on core coaching skills. Practised together at a masterful level, they become a way of “being” a coach versus just “doing” the techniques of coaching.

Coaching playground: Coaching is best learned by doing. We put learning into practice with exercises including individual real-life cases, ‘Sand Pit’ coaching, ‘Stop and Go’ coaching and one-to-one coaching.

Learning outcomes

After completing this program, participants will become the kind of coach-leader who makes a real difference in people’s lives by:

  • Creating a vibrant working environment
  • Inspiring people to find their own answers to everyday work challenges
  • Creating more time and space for themselves for the strategic part of their job
  • Creating an open environment where people feel welcome to share ideas and suggestions
  • Working more effectively with their peers and customers.
  • Appreciating people’s talents and supporting people to become more resourceful and productive
  • Handling conflict resolution and dealing with difficult team members in a relaxed way
  • Effectively facilitating team brainstorming and project development sessions
  • Integrating a coaching approach into their behaviour and communication style
  • Fostering a solution-based company culture

How participants learn

The Coaching for Performance program is delivered virtually via Zoom using the break-out session functionality which allows our trainers to facilitate engaging and solution-oriented sessions.

Prior to the program, participants will need to complete some light preparation work. Following each session participants then receive additional resources like recommended books, podcasts and videos, and set an on-the-job assignment that will further reinforce the learning objectives.

Participants will benefit from

  • Fun, relaxed and interactive sessions that go beyond standard professional development programs
  • Highly experienced trainers with decades of leadership and coaching experience in an industry relevant to them
  • A holistic approach that develops their mind, soul and spirit
  • Learning that fits within a tailored development program

Next Steps

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