Co-Create Your Magical Life with David Papa

A virtual journey through prayer, intentions and manifestation.

Find your flow and learn the code of manifestation for an incredible life of your own creation.

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9 x 90-minute sessions

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About this class

Like many other people, you may have tried intentional manifestation, but it doesn’t seem to work, or it brings very mixed results.

You’ve heard that thoughts and intentions create manifestations, but what about all the thoughts we have that never manifest? What are the real mechanisms we can use to live our absolute best life while being of the greatest service to others?

This course answers these questions by going deep into the workings of the co-creative dance we call life. You’ll learn to listen to your innate guidance, find your flow, and tap into your power to see your life take a magical shape right before your eyes.

All the techniques, ideas and perspectives covered in this course have completely changed facilitator David Papa’s life – where he lives, who he relates to, how he works and his level of income.

But Co-Create Your Magical Life isn’t a copy-and-paste course where you learn a system and apply it yourself – that simply doesn’t work. You’ll learn the principles in play and create a path to use them that works for you.

Why should I attend?

What would it be like to live knowing what your higher self is telling you, how the universe is supporting you with whatever happens, and be able to use any circumstance to enliven you to manifest what your heart desires?

The Co-Create Your Magical Life course will help you relate to yourself, the universe and your life in a new way. You’ll dive deeply into the mechanics of how the universe and your higher self are trying to support you and how to use that information and support in a way that suits your unique life.

During this course you’ll:

  • Learn the code of manifestation in one simple sentence
  • Learn the relationships between beliefs, negative and positive emotions, thoughts and actions, and how they influence what reality you experience
  • Understand why prayer, intentions and manifestation seem to work for some people but not others
  • Resolve your perception of conflict between surrender and active manifestation
  • Learn how to pray and intend in ways that are aligned with your true power to influence reality
  • Experience the oneness of a group intention circle and learn how it will empower your manifestations
  • Heal yourself emotionally by releasing the internal tensions and trauma that are blocking your manifestations from becoming a reality
  • Co-create with life and the universe: learn to understand what life “wants”, so you can empower your manifestations with the raw power of the Source
  • Receive guided manifestation meditations and visualisations you can use forever
  • Learn from the challenges and stories of your fellow course members
  • Get personal guidance for your obstacles in group coaching sessions
  • Have a live experience of being in the beautiful energetic state of manifestation

At the end of the program, you’ll live your life with a new, different level of energy and consciousness.


What will I learn?

Your teacher

David Papa’s passion is to help people tap into the love, peace, and power for life that they have available inside. He spent his first career and most of his adulthood listening to his rational mind and mental beliefs about how to run his life – and hated it. His relationships soon fell apart, he was miserable at work, and he was depressed. He did that twice. Finally, he left everything behind in 2013 to commit fully to his spiritual path, his heart, and his intuition. He was guided to his purpose to create his own business, coach leaders and entrepreneurs around the world, and teach hundreds of people how to live and work from the heart. He guides people in emotional healing, teaches mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation.

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