Born for a Bigger Purpose

Release limiting beliefs and uncover your true potential.

Uncover your true potential and rediscover how easy, simple yet powerful your life can be with exercises you can implement immediately!

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About this class

Are you ready to reconnect with your true potential?

We are all born with a unique purpose. A purpose that has the potential to make our life thrilling, loving and abundant. A purpose that gives meaning to our lives.

Many of us get distracted from this purpose as we shift our focus from creating to surviving. The goal of this masterclass is to help you rediscover your true purpose and start leading a life that is meaningful to you and those around you.

Filled with insightful teachings, practical exercises and a powerful quantum meditation, this masterclass is an inward discovery journey you cannot afford to miss!

Why should I attend?

Because you know you’re meant for something more. You just don’t know how to uncover it.

You are born with infinite potential to live a thriving life! As you journey through life, your family, friends, community and society start influencing and shaping your beliefs. These beliefs stifle your infinite potential and start telling you to what you can and cannot achieve.

The problem is, many of us never stop to question whether these beliefs are true. We do not distinguish whether they serve to enhance our lives. We just accept them into our subconscious and let them lead the show.

When our true purpose is buried underneath the burden of our beliefs, we are left without a compass in life. We have no vision to head towards and often get pulled in directions that are convenient but away from our destination…

Once you discover your true purpose and learn to change your reality so that you are living with this purpose, you will finally see how easy it is to win at life…

  • You’ll start to see life as effortless, kind and compassionate.
  • The right people and the right circumstances will start coming your way.
  • Challenges that come your way will become life lessons that you embrace.
  • You’ll awaken each morning with the energy of the life force.
  • You’ll be filled with such abundance that giving to others will be the most natural thing in the


What will I learn?

You’ll learn how to find your true purpose through:

  • Insightful Teachings: learn how to uncover your true purpose and release beliefs that do not serve you while discovering the journey of your soul’s unfoldment.
  • Practical Exercises: immediately start implementing the teachings with practical exercises to help you release limiting beliefs and start creating a life that serves your purpose.
  • Meditation Practice: experience quantum expansion with a traditional indigenous tribal guided meditation practice. Use this practice in your daily routine to realign with your purpose.

The purpose of the soul in this lifetime is to realize itself. You are here to gather all necessary learning and express the unique contribution you came here to give.

~ Zoran Todorovic

Your teacher

Zoran has had an enlightening and successful journey that all began from a genuine desire to help people unlock their potential and strive to be equally happy and successful in both their careers and personal lives. Consistently adding value to process, he coaches, trains, and mentors using his proven Evolutionary Coach training approach, guiding and supporting humanity to maximise potential to unlock and create powerful presence through personal leadership.

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