Episode 102

The Soul’s Journey Through Life, Death and Rebirth with Leonora Bayou

Join us on this podcast to Explore The Soul’s Journey Through Life, Death and Rebirth

Let‘s be honest.. all of us have been conditioned in life by our environment around us.. if we just knew that EVERYTHING is in our hands since the very beginning of this journey! If you feel running this „rat-race“ or getting soaked in into your daily to-dos believe me you are not alone! One level of the deep ignorance within which we live and act is our bondage to the specific individual life, personality and situation that we inhabit.

We are generally unaware of anything prior to our birth or which occurs after our death. Some even take the view that there is no “meaning” and that birth and death are simply beginning and ending points of a meaningless existence. If that were true, however, we would be left with the question of how and why this enormous mechanism of the universal creation exists and why we need to experience, learn and grow at all.

Leonora Bayou is a psychologist, meditation and spiritual growth guide, energy healer, book author and speaker who had near death experience and a gift to connect with higher realms from the very early age.


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