Episode 105

The Power and Wisdom of Circle by Mattias Måhl

Explore our connection to nature and how can nature empower us.

In this episode we will explore our connection to nature and how can nature empower us to be more connected to ourselves and the fabric of reality that we call the mega quantum field.

We are also talking about the power of circle and ritual and how can we create new rituals in our daily life that are relevant to our lives today. We talk about the challenges of men in today’s world and we discuss practices that will get men to be confident, empowered, and secure to be family, community, and world pillars. We will leave you with powerful practices to immediately implement and integrate into your life and work.

Mattias Måhl is an artis, creative carpenter, leader of nature experiences for kids and grow ups. He is also leader of Man group that empowers man to step in the their leadership in life and work.


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