Episode 124

The Art of Engagement by Vivienne Ladommatou and Shaun Young

The Art of Engagement: Keeping Employees Invested

In this episode, we explore The Art of Engagement as a crucial aspect of modern organizational management.

Employee engagement is a measure of how committed and connected employees are to their work and their organization. When employees are engaged, they are more productive, satisfied, and likely to stay with the company. Here are some key strategies to foster and maintain employee engagement: The Art of Engagement: Keeping Employees Invested”:

We are looking in to the importance of employee engagement in retaining talent and share approaches for fostering a sense of belonging and commitment within the organization. Leadership’s Role in Retention: Creating Supportive Managers”: We are discussing how effective leadership and management practices contribute to talent retention, including coaching, recognition, and open communication.

Feedback Culture: Using Constructive Feedback to Retain Talent: We are discussing  a culture of constructive feedback and performance evaluations can contribute to employee growth and retention within the organization. Recognition Revolution: Appreciation as a Retention Strategy: We are exploring the power of recognition and rewards in retaining talent, discussing ways organizations can acknowledge and celebrate their employees’ contributions.

Inclusive Workplaces: Diverse Environments for Talent Retention: We are examining the role of diversity and inclusion in retaining talent, focusing on creating an environment where employees from various backgrounds feel valued and supported. Cultivating a Learning Culture: Continuous Development for Talent: We are discussing he significance of creating a culture of continuous learning and development to support the growth of identified talent. Mentorship Matters: Fostering Talent Growth Through Guidance: We are discussing the role of mentorship in talent development, featuring stories of successful mentor-mentee relationships within organizations.

Vivienne brings decades of experience as a leader and entrepreneur to her work as an executive coach and leadership development and acceleration expert. She has designed, developed and delivered hundreds of training programs. Vivienne has coached and trained thousands of high achievers in many of the world’s leading corporations and organizations, and mentored many small businesses and startups. Vivienne began her career as an award-winning broadcast journalist and documentary maker and worked her way up to executive board member. An ICF-credentialed graduate coach, Vivienne works with individuals, teams and organizations to make the world a better, kinder and happier place.

Shaun consults and coaches across all levels for some of the world’s leading organizations and has worked extensively in Europe, Scandinavia, the U.S. and Asia. His background is in human psychology and he specializes in organizational learning and development, as well as in cultural and behavioral change management. Shaun uses positive psychology and resilience techniques to enable executives to become more confident and focused on overcoming any barriers to success. He has coached thousands of individuals, leaders and teams through turbulent times. Shaun has also authored and co-authored many personal development, leadership and coaching programs.


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