Episode 80

Straight Up with Vivunlimited – This Life according to Professor Velimir Abramovic (Part 2)

Exploring who we are, why we are here, and the real rules of the game of life

Formerly an award-winning journalist and broadcaster and now an expert coach, Vivienne Ladommatou continues her lifelong love of asking questions and exploring different points of view in her latest incarnation as a facilitator of free speech and all things alternative in this life.

Join Viv and her guest, Profesor Velimir Abramovic, for the first in a trilogy of dialogues exploring who we are, why we are here, and the real rules of the game of life as he sees it.

Velimir Abramovic is a philosopher, Tesla expert, and affiliated professor since 1988 with the University of Belgrade, where he taught Philosophy of Art, Aesthetics and Film Theory, and with The Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies, where he taught postgraduate studies in Space and Time in Philosophy and Natural Sciences.

Velimir’s main focus and passion are the ontology of time, the nature of the creative process, and systems analysis. He founded the Tesla Society in 1992 and became Editor in Chief of the Tesliana Scientific Journal in 1993. He is a member of the American Philosophical Association and founder and director of CAT, an NGO for research in time and consciousness.



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