Episode 104

Spirit, Art, Health and Rituals by Katarina Baliova

Spirit, Art, Health and Rituals

Healer and well-being coach working with yoga, sound, movement, breathing and art. Her spiritual path started 15 years ago through studies of dance and yoga combined with meditation and breathing practices. Katarina has been working with ancestral medicines for over 7 years, assisting many shamans and taitas in ceremonies with Peyote, Ayahuasca, San Pedro (Awakoya), Rape, Kambo and Temazcal.

She is also trained Reiki healer working with crystals in her therapies. One of her most powerful medicines as healer is her voice and connection to the element of water. Katarina shares her folk and medicine music during ceremonies and connects to the spirit through sound in process of healing.

Katarina’s journey towards yoga teaching began with her passion for dance and gymnastics. Her first connection to the body’s abilities was routed from her experience as professional gymnast and dancer in Slovakia. In 2003 Katarina located to Sydney to peruse her dreams, where she studied art of drawing and trained as professional dancer for Sydney Dance Company.  After 4 years she continued to develop her teachings towards yoga practice.

Katarina have been working with ancestral medicines for the past 7 years and assisting with healing circles with her singing, this connected her to Medicinal Music. Currently holding small gathering concerts and singing circles, with intention to connect to the sounds of our ancestors and spirit within.


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