Episode 148

Navigating Workplace Dynamics: Fostering Psychological Safety and Emotional Intelligence by Pia Ault

Building healthier, more resilient, and empathetic workplace cultures together.

Join us on this insightful podcast episode as we sit down with Pia and Zoran to explore the intricacies of toxic behaviors in the workplace and the critical importance of fostering psychological safety. In this engaging discussion, we delve into the role of leaders in creating environments where employees feel safe to express themselves and the impact of emotional intelligence (EQ) on organizational success.

We discuss practical strategies for making leaders aware of the significance of psychological safety and how they can cultivate environments that prioritize emotional well-being. Pia and Zoran share valuable insights on how to welcome emotions in the workplace and develop higher EQ among team members, ultimately fostering a culture of trust, collaboration, and innovation.

Additionally, TNM Coaching blogs complements this podcast by offering a deeper exploration of the tools available for leaders and teams to enhance their emotional intelligence. We delve into various coaching techniques and approaches aimed at nurturing EQ, empathy, and emotional resilience within organizations. Through real-world examples and actionable tips, we empower leaders to create inclusive workplaces where individuals can thrive personally and professionally.

Tune in to our podcast and dive deeper into our blog to discover practical strategies for navigating workplace dynamics and fostering psychological safety and emotional intelligence in your organization. Let’s embark on a journey towards building healthier, more resilient, and empathetic workplace cultures together.

Pia has over 20 years’ senior-level corporate experience in multinational manufacturing and technology businesses, specialising in business development. She is highly skilled in individual and team coaching and leadership development in multi-culturally diverse and sensitive environments. People intrigue her…exploring what drives human behaviours, emotions, attitudes and social relationships. Her strengths lie in business leader development, change management, HR transformation, ensuring individuals and teams are performing at their best and most efficient, by incorporating empathy and emotional intelligence in their development. She is especially passionate about supporting individuals with ADD/ADHD, Cultural Diversity, Empathy, Emotions and Social Issues. She is proud to approach her work with emphatic fervour.



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