Episode 92

Exploring LifeSpider Coaching system with Birgitta Granström

Exploring LifeSpider Coaching system and how this system can support you to life thriving life

Birgitta Granström has devoted her life to finding the answers to questions; “Why are people behaving as they do?” and “What is the meaning of your life?” She has not just found the answers but also the solutions. Birgitta has discovered and developed LifeSpider System™ that enables a new paradigm for individuals. LifeSpider System™ is an epic method for thought leaders and professionals in the human being industry.

LifeSpider System™ is built upon 25+ years of experience in teaching personal development, coaching thousands of clients, training hundreds of coaches, and more than 30,000 hours of research in philosophy, religion, quantum physics, metaphysics phenomena, and more. As a professional coach, speaker, and author, she has mediated knowledge that has motivated people of all ages and professions to realize things that they always or never have dared to dream about.

Through her unique way of working with human challenges and integrating several levels (spiritual, physical, emotional, and practical), she has succeeded in inspiring people to catalyze their potential and reach their life goals.

More Info https://www.lifespideracademy.com/

In this episode we are exploring LifeSpider Coaching system and how this system can support you to live thriving life.

A LifeSpider™ is a unique code containing driving forces and life purposes linked to six different Life Projects that emerges from the essence. A LifeSpider only has to activate s once in a lifetime and is a life manager for people to identify their six life purposes and organize them in projects. This clarity transforms frustrations into clarity, connects the dots of history, and is a roadmap for the future. Just like a computer, LifeCompetencies is an operating system for LifeSpider System™.

It can run quietly, yet powerfully, in the background or be called into action at a moment’s notice. It works with the hardware — your body, mind, and spirit — which you already have in place. It interfaces with all the other applications — spirituality, philosophy, science, religion, physiology, etc. — that are installed in your life. LifeCompetencies helps the applications to run at their optimum performance.

It’s an efficient way to manage and work with the various files you have created — relationships, projects, beliefs, and circumstances — whether they are active or archival. It assists in regulating and allocating your energy source. Finally, LifeCompetencies is an effective maintenance tool — troubleshooting problems, deflecting damaging input, and keeping your hard drive in top working order.


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