Episode 22

Executive Coaching Series 05 – Challenges with Executive Coaching – Courage

How coaches are thinking partners, not problem-solvers.

Dr. Marcia Reynolds, MCC, teaches, writes books, and speaks on how to engage in powerful conversations that connect, influence, and activate change. She is a coach’s coach, teaching coaching skills to leaders and coaches worldwide, and an expert in emotional intelligence. Global Gurus names her the #3 coach in the world.

One of the greatest challenges for executive coaches is to have the courage to drill down to discover what the client really wants to resolve and what that outcome looks like. It is easy to fall into problem-solving when clients asks for help in planning, strategizing, or decision-making. It’s likely clients can do this on their own if they just took the time. The bigger question is, “What is stopping this smart, resourceful person from achieving their desired result on their own?”

This means we have to explore the beliefs that are framing the problem and the needs, values, and fears that are clouding the view of the best solution, even when this creates discomfort. In this discussion Marcia shows how coaches are thinking partners, not problem-solvers and how to help our smart, creative, resourceful and powerful clients expand their thinking so they see better with clarity and confidence.


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