Episode 39

Beyond Leadership : Human Leader, The Power of Connection

Have you ever considered what it means to be human?

Have you ever considered what it means to be human?

In a world increasing run by AI and other technologies are we at the risk of dehumanizing ourselves, losing sight of our uniqueness and in turn jeopardizing our human connection? Highlighting just a few of the ideas from his 8-part program, “Human Leader” Senior Coach and Trainer Damian Fearns talks with Zoran Todorovic about connection, reflection, and choice.

Drawing from psychology, philosophy and science, his “Human Leader” program facilitates the understanding and development of our consciousness. Discussing the left/right brain split, for example he shares practical tips for recognizing when we are using our left brain when we should be using our right and vice versa and how the lack of awareness causes problems to arise, multiply and potentially destroy organizations and society.

By exercising our free will, by developing our neural networks, and by increasing our awareness of this split, we can find a third way to hold those polarities in our minds to help us make better connections, better decisions and to become better leaders.


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