Episode 149

Activating Voice for Impact and Magnetism with Alex Gray

Discover the secrets to unlocking the full potential of your voice.

Tune in to discover how to transform your voice into a powerful tool for personal and professional growth!

Join us on a transformative journey with Alex Gray, a distinguished Actor and Voice Artist, in this podcast series “Activating Voice for Impact and Magnetism.” Discover the secrets to unlocking the full potential of your voice, whether you aim to enhance your acting skills, improve public speaking, or heal through vocal expression.

Alex Gray delves into both the technical and creative aspects of voice work, providing insights on how to tell a compelling story that makes a lasting impact. Through engaging discussions, practical tips, and inspiring stories, you’ll uncover how to use your voice to heal from addiction and trauma, connect more deeply with others, and create a powerful presence. This podcast is perfect for anyone looking to refine their vocal skills, understand the deeper significance of voice, and achieve greater impact in their communication.

Alex Gray is an acclaimed Actor and Voice Artist, known for his profound ability to activate and enhance the voice for better storytelling and impact. With extensive experience in both the technical and creative sides of voice work, he has helped countless individuals unlock their vocal potential. Alex Gray’s approach integrates the spiritual and metaphorical aspects of voice, offering a holistic method to vocal development.



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