21 March 2023


Make it easy, because consistency is everything.

In Super Human by Habit Tynan suggests that getting good (really good) at building habits is the single most important skill we can master in our lives.

Everything Comes From The Ability to Build Habits

Habits are how we change our behaviour, how we install automatic ways of being, how we shift to operating closer to our full potential.Purposeful and interesting work. Impact and Influence. Money. Family. Successful relationships.If your daily habits don’t serve you, you will never achieve your goals.

What came in a conversation last week with one client was the importance of making our habits easy. Tiny Habits is the technical term. There’s even a book about it and a Udemy course!

It’s better to maintain a modest life-long habit than to start an extreme habit that can’t be sustained for a single year.Your results will be commensurate with the consistency with which you execute your habits, not with the magnitude of their one-time impact. ~Tynan

Think of it as an exponential curve. You build, day by day, and the impact of your new habit is cumulative, if you start out as a hero and use up all your willpower in the first couple of weeks then you’ll give up the habit and won’t reap the benefits.

  • Start really, really small.
  • No. Start tiny.
  • Make it daily. By tiny.

You could begin to shift the trajectory of your life today with the implementation of one tiny new habit. What will it be?

If you’re stuck for ideas check out this handy list of 100+ good daily habits.

Written by Chris Hardy


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