22 March 2023

I’m Sorry. Did Any Of That Make Any Sense To You? I’m Rambling!

this is life speaking

The conversations I love are often marked by one stopping to check – does any of what I’ve just said to you made any sense at all? – and funny enough ten out of ten times it absolutely has. Guaranteed. In the net. You’re here. You’ve spoken. Delicious. Present. Simple Truth.

You see, the thing is, as far as my experience goes, when we ‘ramble’ the depths of our hearts are engaged and every part of us is speaking – yep, granted, it may have felt like a bit of a ramble to the one speaking and perhaps touched on things that they may have been surprised at – or even a little uncomfortable to have said – yet, organic-let-it-flow-ramble-speak is just one of the things that’s really stunning about us humans. One of the things that I honestly don’t think we ever allow ourselves to do enough of. No pretence, no judgement, no expectation, no fixing – just flow – and, of course, out of the flow, an opening for something new or previously unknown to appear in life.

So, the next time you hear yourself or another say ‘sorry I’m rambling’ or ‘did I really just say that out loud?!’ remember that this IS life speaking – let it flow baby, let it SWAY …

to ramble = an aimless amble on a winding course
to flow = to move or progress freely as if in a stream

Written by Tash Stallard


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