23 March 2023

How to Pivot Your Career with Coaching

There are many reasons why people choose to change direction.

We all go through periods in life where we want to make significant changes in our careers. Maybe it’s a new promotion, to study something new or enter a whole new industry altogether. The average person spends one-third of their life at work, with a global study of one billion people reporting that only 15% of full-time workers are actually engaged and happy in the workplace. This raises the question: if we spend so much of our lives at work, isn’t it worth doing what we love.

There are many reasons why people choose to change direction. Whether it’s to pursue a passion, follow a dream or find more meaning and fulfilment in life. Most of life’s most challenging decisions come down to what’s in the best alignment for you.

If you’ve ever thought about pivoting your career, following your passion or doing something more meaningful, here’s our guide on how to become a coach.

What is Coaching?
If you’re familiar with the personal development world, you will have heard the term coach quite often. Personal development coaching is a profession that covers a wide range of methods and disciplines. Whether it’s Love Coaching, Life Coaching or Business Coaching. All coaches work with clients to help them achieve success in life where they’re struggling or feel held back.

People often hire a coach to help them with specific areas of life, such as business, romance or finances. They feel they need guidance to help them find clarity, overcome obstacles, achieve greater success and reach their true potential.

How does Coaching work? 
As a coach, you’ll guide your clients with the tools they need to get to the heart of what’s holding them back. The role of a coach is to listen and help clients see things from a different perspective, share knowledge, and give them the tools to make a difference in their own life.

What are the Benefits of Coaching?
When it comes to coaching, the benefits are not just in the results you get with your clients. Coaching is also beneficial for your own personal growth. It’s a gratifying and enriching career path that offers you the opportunity to help change people’s lives. Giving you the freedom and flexibility to create the life you want to live on your own terms.

In today’s world, it’s become ‘the norm’ for most coaches to work online. All you need is a laptop and a secure WIFI connection to coach your clients from anywhere in the world.

Here are some of the key benefits.

  • Profound personal discovery and growth
  • Broaden your skills in leadership and managing people
  • Learn skills that can be used in all areas of life
  • Create better personal and professional relationships

How to become a Coach?
When embarking on your new career as a coach, you may find you already have skills you can use with your clients; maybe you have experience running a business or working in HR. Whatever experience you already have is transferable and can help you decide what type of coach you want to be.

Unlike other therapists and well-being professionals, coaching doesn’t require the same level of qualifications to work with clients. Starting your coaching journey with a coaching program will allow you to professionally work with your clients. Helping you deal with any challenges that may arise, such as setting clear boundaries and dealing with complex topics.

You might find your new coaching skills can help you in other areas of life with your personal and professional relationships.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the right coaching course for you.

  • Accreditation or certification
  • Expert program leaders with coaching experience
  • Choose the right program level for your awareness, i.e. beginner or intermediate.
  • Content that aligns with your values

Is A Coaching Career For You?
If you see yourself working in a more meaningful career while helping people reach their true potential. Coaching could be for you. Coaching is not only rewarding, but it offers you the career freedom to work for yourself, create life on your own terms, choose your own hours, and help make a difference in the world.

TNM Coaching Academy offers a wide range of coaching programs, from foundational coaching principles to more advanced practices. All our programs are taught by world-class coaches who have over 30 years of experience and are ICF accredited, which means by the end of your program, you’ll have points that go towards becoming an accredited coach.

If you’re new to coaching and would like to learn the coaching basics, our new TNM Academy Foundation Coaching Program starts in September 2021.

Sign Up today to start your new career in coaching.

Written by TNM Coaching


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