23 March 2023

How to manifest the life of your dreams

You actually have the power to create your own reality.

Sometimes it feels like life is merely happening to us and around us… we are just floating along with the current. We lack purpose and our dream life feels out of reach. BUT it doesn’t have to be that way. What if we told you that you actually have the power to create your own reality? We can equip you with the skills, knowledge and tools, so that you can get out there and start creating a life you once could only dream of. Learn from Zoran Todorovic in his latest free two hour manifesting masterclass, where he uncovers how to do this. Don’t forget to register for this live event on 28th October and 24th November. In the meantime, we’ve outlined some key points to explore to get you primed and ready for Zoran’s Manifestation Masterclass.

What is reality creation?
Creating reality is the art of creating your circumstance through the process of thinking and feeling it into reality; ‘’knowing it to be true’’. However it goes a lot deeper than just wishing for something to become true or positive thinking. Reality creation is a skill of knowing that life is not just happening to you, but that you are actively co creating your life with every thought, feeling and action.

Being clear about what you want!
Living the life of your dreams requires action and clarity. Even if you don’t know exactly what that is, you can be clear about how you would like to feel and use that as a basis for your intention. Life is not going to deliver you exactly what you want if even you are unsure of what that is. Visualising your ideal life, with as much detail as you can, creates a clear intention. Writing this down further clarifies your intent, as you start to co-create the kind of life you want to live.

How do you want to feel?
Your emotions are incredibly powerful. When it comes to visualising your future, ensure that your dream life aligns with how you want to feel everyday. Whether it’s free, joyful, playful, in love or respected; you can begin to create the life of your dreams by engaging the emotions that will accompany your aspirations. It is important that the way you feel matches up to your dream life.

Practise gratitude
Practising a full and abundant attitude to life is imperative to attaining even more. When we are in a place of appreciation and wonder, then we are already practising having all that we desire. This eliminates a scarcity mindset. When we cling on to not having enough we project this idea out into the universe that we are not worthy, and guess what? The universe believes us and holds back it’s riches from our grasp. Get in the habit of writing down all you are grateful for each day, and watch your life flourish! Feel the emotion of pure joy as you acknowledge all that life has blessed you with. It doesn’t need to be something grand, it can be as simple as a delicious cup of coffee in the morning, a sunrise or having that moment of peace during a bath. Life’s simple luxuries can be just as satisfying as the big milestones like buying a house. Show gratitude for all that you have; big or small.

Address your limiting beliefs
When you feel you are not worthy of something, the universe will agree with you and reflect this back to you. This is how powerful we are! It is so important to address any blocks before you embark on creating. Take a look at what you believe to be true about yourself and your life. What is stopping you? Are these facts or beliefs? How might they hinder you? It might be hard to dive into these questions as past experiences and traumas may begin to surface but it is crucial to uncovering your blocks. In order to move past pain we can’t just ‘get over it’ but we must go through it. Sit with it. Address it. Only then, when we have understood ourselves can we move forward and release the chains of the past.

Raise your vibration
When you vibrate on a higher wavelength, you attract better experiences, people and opportunities. Ensure you are feeling your best by exercising, meditation, journaling, spending time in nature and eating nourishing foods. Creating a strong, daily routine which incorporates all that you wish to achieve is a great way to show up for yourself every single day. Consistency is the key to moving forward in finding your purpose and creating your dream life.

Take Action
As they say, ‘a dream without a plan is just a wish’. Nothing happens by merely wishing for it. If you want something in life, take inspired action. The more effort you put into the life you want to co-create, the more it will come together. Make a detailed plan and execute it! Write down your timelines, what needs to be done, who you need to contact and break down your goal in bite sized pieces. Day by day, you will be closer to being the person you always wanted to be.

Trust the process
Don’t hold on too tightly to any preconceived notions of what you want your future to look like. Sometimes the universe has something planned for you that is even more incredible than you initially imagined. And sometimes, the universe leads you down another path to protect you from something that would not have made you happy. Having the faith to surrender and believe that things are working in your favour, sends a clear message that you are in the flow state. The state to relinquish any control and be in a state of receiving. Trust in the universe and keep moving forward.

Learn how to manifest the life of your dreams
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Written by TNM Coaching


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