24 March 2023

How to create freedom in todays world

Now is the time to take control and create the Life you have always wanted..

When things around us change, it can offer us the perfect opportunity to reassess our lives. To stop and evaluate whether our current lifestyle, career and living situation truly reflects our dream scenario. If it doesn’t, now is the time to take control and create the life you have always wanted!

Life is too short to just let it pass you by or settle for less than. A shake-up in your circumstances can serve as a powerful and transformative crossroad on your path. Turning your wildest dreams into a reality doesn’t have to remain a fantasy. Use the momentum of change as a springboard to start taking steps towards achieving your goals and living your most authentic, happiest life.

What does freedom mean to you?
Freedom means different things to different people. For some it may signify being able to go to the beach in the middle of the day and swim in the sea. For others it may mean more time with loved ones, or it could even mean not having to set an alarm in the morning. The first step to defining your own understanding of freedom is to start delving into your subconscious. Your thoughts may turn to getting a bigger salary. Move past the financial aspect and instead ask yourself what could that money buy you or how it would make you feel? Because in most cases, it’s not about the money itself – it’s about what it can afford you. A sense of security or the ability to satisfy your wanderlust, perhaps. Get to the root of the matter and discover what your heart longs for.

Visualise your future
A life without a roadmap can take you just about anywhere. Instead of drifting along and letting life happen to you, it’s time to get specific about the direction you want to head into. Ask the big question: Five years from now, if everything was going exactly how you wanted it to, what would your life look like? Spend 30 minutes really mapping this out. Write about your daily routine, where you would be living, what kind of house you would have, who you would be with and how you would feel. Do not hold back! This is your dream – don’t put limitations on it! Every morning visualise and really feel your dream life as if it’s actually happening. Connect to the emotion of it and how incredibly happy it would make you feel. Carry this feeling with you throughout your day and wait for incredible synchronicities to unfold!

Bridging the gap
Sometimes it can feel as if where we are in life and where we want to get to is (still) worlds apart! But the first step to connecting the two is to take stock of where you are right now. Write down your current lifestyle and really get into the details. Then write a list of where you want to be. So if you’re currently living in England but you want to make the move to Mexico, write the two places next to one another. Then it’s time to get real with yourself and ask why this hasn’t happened yet, what is stopping you from going for it and what it would take to get there. You will feel the excitement bubbling up as you write these powerful realisations down! It’s time to take action – a dream without a plan is merely a wish! You are responsible for your life – no one else. It’s up to you to make it happen.

Where do you need to progress?
Sometimes it’s not about bringing in the new, but letting go of the old. In which areas of your life do you find yourself feeling trapped or uninspired? Perhaps you spend a lot of time looking after others and not enough time caring for yourself. Do you work too hard and place so much emphasis on your to-do lists that life feels less fun? Create a daily routine for yourself which points you in the direction of the new. Sometimes the process isn’t as glamorous or as exciting as we would have hoped. If you want to get fit and strong, for example, then you need to make the time to exercise and cook nourishing foods. Think about the results you want and ask yourself whether your current lifestyle marries up to your goals? Then look for ways to create more of what you want in your life, so that you can become the best version of yourself.

Limiting beliefs
What stories are you telling yourself that will keep you stuck where you are? Our beliefs are just that; beliefs. Not facts, but a set of thoughts that we keep repeating in our heads. And sometimes they are outright lies! ‘I am not good enough’ or ‘I don’t have a talent’ are lies we tell ourselves in order to remain ‘safe’ by staying comfortable in a place that feels familiar to us. Write down these negative thoughts and ask yourself whether they align with your dream life. If they don’t, it’s time to change the narrative and create new ways of thinking that move you towards freedom and fulfillment.

Moving past the comfort zone
They say that life begins outside of your comfort zone, and it’s absolutely true. Sometimes we can hold onto the idea of security and certainty so much that we fail to realise that the only thing it is certain to bring is guaranteed stagnation, boredom and unfulfillment. Change is hard, it thrusts us into the unknown where anything can happen. But guess what? That ‘anything’ could be your wildest dreams! Taking risks, exploring and getting out into the world is your key to opening up new doors.

Trust the process
We mentioned previously that creating a life of freedom does take responsibility and action. Those you see who have mastered this may appear to have landed on their feet at this moment. However, that journey would have taken dedication to arrive at the end goal and there would have been failures or knockbacks along the way. But these mistakes and setbacks only guide you to the right path and make you more resilient. Trust in the process. If you win, you win. If you lose, you learn. And if you never try… well, you will never know!

Follow your own path
Release what society or other people expect of you. Let go of any pressures of where you should be by now and what you should have achieved. So many times we are coerced into following a certain profession, pushed into starting a family or buying a house – forget the conventional lifestyle and follow what truly makes you happy.

You might say, ‘I’m too old to change careers and follow my dream of becoming a documentary filmmaker’. But guess what? The time will pass anyway! It’s never too late to start. Do you want to know who else started late in life?

  • Arianna Huffington created The Huffington Post when she was 55.
  • Julia Child wrote her first cookbook at 50.
  • Vera Wang was a figure skater and journalist before entering the fashion industry at age 40.
  • Samuel L Jackson was 43 when he landed his first big role in ‘Jungle Fever’.

Start now! You never know what’s around the corner for you.

Be kind to yourself
Freedom is not only determined by our external world, it can also be a feeling or state of mind that resides within us. Observe your internal monologue and listen to how the voice in your head speaks to you. Is it encouraging? Or is it critical? Be aware of the conversations you have with yourself, and shift them to loving and kind thoughts. In this way we can free ourselves from judgement and become our own cheerleader. Freedom always starts within, when we free ourselves from beliefs that hold us back or our ‘inner critic’, we can really start to feel empowered and blossom!

Create a career of freedom
If you are looking for a career with more freedom then perhaps it’s time to become a coach. TNM hosts the world’s only ICF accredited Evolutionary Coach Training Program. This focusses beyond helping others gain success to helping the entire consciousness shift. Are you someone who thrives when helping others? Do people often seek you out for advice? Do others look to you for support? Now it’s time to awaken your inner coach and begin a career in coaching. Book a free Discovery Call today with one of our TNM Academy Coaches to find out if this could be the career you have been waiting for.

Written by TNM Coaching


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