23 March 2023

How Coaching Changed My Life

A coach allows us to step back and see the bigger picture.

Coaching is a powerful tool we can use to fast-track our progress so that we can live the life we dream of. A coach allows us to step back and see the bigger picture, develop our strengths, work on our weak spots and build better relationships with others and ourselves.

Sometimes, we ourselves are the biggest block to success and, without even realising it, we self-sabotage great opportunities that come our way. Getting an outsider’s opinion – one who already has the tools and skills we need – is invaluable in removing all that stands in our way to feeling happy and fulfilled.

We aren’t naturally born with every single skill needed to excel in life, so why not use a life coach to help us get there? Below we share the biggest takeaways of six coaches who benefited from life coaching – and how you can, too!

Frederik Engelsman – Partner at Create2Experience Leadership Impact
“I am my own coach through ‘self’-coaching.”

Once we work with a life coach, often the experience will reward us with a variety of tools that we can use in every facet of our life: from relationships to our wellness as well as in business. These skills don’t disappear when you finish the coaching process, they stay with you for life and you can build upon them, too. The more we learn and the more tools we pick up along our coaching journey, the better we get at solving problems with ease and efficiency.

Vikram Abhishek Mall – Founder at Bedoha, Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Trainer
“Communication – I have learned to listen. Listen deeply and communicate compassionately.”

Often, when we are in conversation with someone else, we are waiting for our time to respond rather than really listen. This can block us from engaging with others and making them feel heard. A coach can help us to become a better listener, so others feel more understood. We can also always learn to communicate in a better way. Whether we don’t deal well with confrontation or lack tact, a coach can pinpoint which areas need improving.

Adrijana Strnad – Executive & Team Coaching, Leadership Training, Facilitation
“I learned what it means to be in the driving seat of my choices – and respond rather than react to what’s offered to me by life.”

We can either actively direct our life – or just let life happen to us. By gaining control of the steering wheel, we navigate our trajectory and head towards a path that makes us feel alive, inspired and joyful. A coach can guide and show us the way when it comes to living our dream life, where we feel happy and in control.

Isabelle Courtney – Associate Lead Consultant at JMJ Associates
“Coaching has transformed the relationships with the people I love the most in my life.”

The quality of our relationships can have a substantial impact on our life. They can either make us feel connected, confident and supported – or misunderstood, alone and stressed out. Coaching can help us to work through our problem areas, where we perhaps need to work on boundaries or ascertain whether certain people deserve to be in our life.

Damian Fearns – Trainer, Director, Coach, and Psychologist at TNM Coaching
“Coaching has shown me that I don’t need ALL the answers to make a change or a move.”

Many of us can suffer from ‘Imposter Syndrome’ at one stage or another in our lives, when we feel we are inadequate and not good enough to advance in our lives. This can affect our confidence, self worth and progression in a big way. By employing the help of a coach, we can utilise tools that allow us to see that it’s okay to fail, and that we don’t need to be perfect in order to succeed.

Gina Paigen – Lead Consultant at Leadership Niagara New York
“Coaching has provided an opportunity for me to bring my gifts, and to be of service to the awakening of human consciousness.”

There is nothing greater and more fulfilling than finding out what your gifts are, and being able to express them to the world. A coach can unlock your hidden talents and help you formulate a step-by-step plan to turn your dreams into reality.

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Written by TNM Coaching


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